X is for Xylophone – A gift from Grammy


Do you remember a special gift you got from your grandmother?

My grandmother didn’t visit much, as she lived in Zimbabwe and we were in South Africa, but I remember the one particular visit. We went in to my room (which was now hers for her stay) and she handed over these plastic animals. We each got one. They were animals but their body was segmented, and they stood on a platform. When you pushed up the platform from underneath, the animal would move – left, right, fall to the side, fall to the other side. It was great. I will always remember that silly little toy.

Well Grammy C  arrived from Scotland bringing with her some Xylophones.

Wow! Love these Grammy!

Apparently putting these metal xylophones in her hand luggage wasn’t the best idea. These caused her to be questioned, pulled aside and almost caused her to miss her flight. Luckily she arrived on time – and the boys loved the xylophones. But you would have thought it was a sign for her to have bought something a little less noisy?

They came in a small wooden box, covered in plastic wrap. I swear the boys liked them even in the wrapping. Why, oh why did we have to remove them from the box??

Only a grandmother can get away with giving us a gift like this – never mind one for each!

Mason and Cameron

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34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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9 Responses to X is for Xylophone – A gift from Grammy

  1. Sista says:

    Ha ha ha noisey by any chance?!?! I totally forgot about those animals but do now after reading about it. Well can’t wait to ft you and hear a little ‘tune’ from the boys

  2. Mollygram says:

    Love the picture! How about getting together with Watson and his drum set? Cool. Great gift idea!!

  3. Those photos are priceless!!! And although quite noisy, I would take a xylophone over a drum set any day!

  4. Your twin boys are so cute!!! Noisy or not, I’m sure they had a blast and as an added bonus, music stimulates the mind and senses. Thanks for following my blog and participating in the Aloha Friday Hop!!! Just commenting to let you know I followed back :)


  5. Nicole says:

    I’m following ya via pinterest and FB as I have had the worst of luck with my linky account– but as soon as I get it straightened out I’ll be back to follow you there too.

    Thanks for being a part of The ALOHA Friday HOP!!!


    p.s. I always wanted one of those silly little collapsing plastic toys– our neighbor had one and I’d just hope for a chance to go over to their house to play. =)

  6. My Goodness! You boys are too cute for words!
    Newest follower via the Local Sugar Blog Hop!

    I love your blog and I love how their grandmother bought 2 of the same xylophones! My 14 month old LOVES his…

  7. What I want to know is how noisy or quiet is it in your home since they arrived? ‘Cos it was noisy in my house a bit after Christmas since my sister decided to give the kiddo a drum set. You know how much kids love hitting and hammering stuff.

  8. Grandmas delight in giving noisy gifts. I love the looks on their faces. They look like they were just given the world. I bet Grandma was tickled to see them so happy about her gift!

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