What’s FUN for Toddlers, Doesn’t Involve Technology, AND Promotes Team Work?



WOW – whatever that is, it must be pretty awesome right?

So, what’s fun for toddlers, doesn’t involve technology and helps kids work together?: the new installment of our kiddies book club from Club Book Worm.

This was our third and final installment of the book club for kids.

Just like last month, we got some other kids involved to listen to the book and then help with the activities. This time I enlisted some older cousins.

I was looking forward to this book so much because it is about shapes, and my twins (2 3/4 year olds) are always pointing out shapes in their environment. Mason surprised me one day while we were out on a walk and said “Mommy, octagon!”, as he pointed to a stop sign. I was shocked! This was probably 6 months ago now. It has progressed to “Mommy, octagon! S, T, O, P, stop!”  Yup, his first word that he can spell :)

He also LOVES triangles and when he sees one he says ” Triangle, three sides”. Cameron says this too now.

Well the book this month features a triangle that wants to change, so throughout the book it keeps adding sides and becomes different shapes. The kids made these shapes with the cool red sticks included in the activity kit. I was glad to have the twins’ cousins here to help them create the shapes they read about in the book.

The activities included with the book were great. They have easy activities that my boys could do, and then harder ones that they can come back and try in a few months or years. The great thing about that is that the book will grow with them – they will get something new out of it as they mature.

With that in mind though, perhaps Club Book Worm might want to consider having certain activities that they include with the book, that are more specific for the kids age. Right now it seems that the broad activity pack reaches all kids from 2 years – 6 years, so my kids can’t do them all. But like I mentioned earlier, if I put the activities away then they will get to do them later and can grow with the book. So it’s probably down to personal preference.

Anyway – one of the activities is to see what shapes you see out in your environment. My boys found these awesome triangle shaped rocks this summer in Maine. They get very excited about finding the shapes out in nature :)

Overall I think this book club for kids is an awesome idea. I really hope it takes off and that many people buy these as gifts for the kids in their lives. Reading is a great activity to do with your kids and all the creative hard work is done for you – you just show up and be present with your kiddos. Our favorite book so far was the Pirate book. It has become such a hit that we are planning their third birthday around this theme!

Can’t wait to see what book and activity Club Book Worm come up with next!


Club Book Worm was created by two teachers, and their love of learning and their talent for keeping it fun, definitely shined through. Also one of the brains behind the operation is also a twin mom! Please check out their website and let me know what you think. You can  purchase one month of activities at a time  – or more if you prefer.

I was so excited when Club Book Worm reached out and told me about their product, as I feel it was in line with our vision.


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17 Responses to What’s FUN for Toddlers, Doesn’t Involve Technology, AND Promotes Team Work?

  1. Kim says:

    I got last month’s Club Book Worm for my preschooler. He loved it and so did I, especially the pirate book. Definitely worth looking into if you have preschoolers. Your activities look fun for the whole family.

  2. Matt Gordon says:

    I used to love things like this when I was a kid, great post!

  3. Clare says:

    I wish we had had something like that when I was parenting. That was not an option in my day so make the most of it. It seems to be such fun and such good experiences for the youngsters, not to mention the educational values they will get from this experience.

  4. Thanks for sharing. This looks like a great gift idea for the young people in our family.

  5. that looks like a great learning tool. Thanks for sharing.

  6. cindy says:

    Love all the cute pics! Looks like some great learning games for toddlers! Thanks for sharing!

  7. BeckyJane says:

    As a homeschooling mom, I love this kind of stuff. Their site and packages have fun things for everyone. Thanks!

  8. Pamela R says:

    WHAT?!?! Fun WITHOUT electronics!!! –it’s called MY CHILDHOOD!! LOL
    OK but really that activity looks like loads of fun for the boys-so cool that it will grow with them.

  9. Lenajeanne says:

    I LOVE hands on items!

  10. OUPA says:

    Such great options available these days. Amazed to know how quick the twins are developing. Getting them to collect shapes seen in book, outdoors, is an excellent way to encourage learning.

  11. Michele says:

    What a great learning tool! The fact that it can grow with your kids is a big plus!

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