What do Parrots, Pierogies and Pirates Have in Common?


Baseball baby!

Well, baseball in Pittsburgh to be exact!

My twin toddlers (2 1/4 years-old) just experienced their first live sporting event.

I’d been playing T Ball with Cameron and he was really whacking the balls, so I decided it was time we took the twins to see a baseball game.

The stars aligned…daddy was off work, our friends were available so off we went to the ball park.

With the twins in hand we made our way to the fantastic seats our friends secured for us – right in front of the dug out! Now that’s one way to keep a toddler’s attention…get the seats almost “on” the field so there is no way they can ignore the game 😉

We ate all the good ball park favorites – hot dogs, fries, cotton candy (that’s candy floss to us South Africans) and the oh so yummy pierogies. Yes, according to Pittsburgh.com, here in the ‘burgh we eat 11 times the pierogies of any other city in the nation. Pierogies are normally crescent shaped dough, filled with cheese and potato and then boiled or fried with onion and butter! YUMMMM!


The Pirates vs Cubs game was a lot of fun. Mason and daddy were glued to the game. In fact Mason sat on his daddy’s lap almost the entire game with his new Pirates backpack not moving off his back.

Notice the backpack :)

Cameron and his friend E, thought it would be fun to climb over the chairs and back. That was until the big bird or “Parrot” magically appeared!

Although the game was very exciting for us all – what stole the show for the kids, was the Parrot. Especially when he decided to give the kids some one on one Parrot love. Here is the Parrot Mascot Picking up Cameron and showing him off to the crowd.

After that, all Cameron wanted to know was  “Where bird?” I think when he is sixteen, that’s going to mean something totally different!! 😉

This was definitely an A + toddler activity!

Go Pirates, Go! Or as the locals say, “Go, Bucs, GO!”


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16 Responses to What do Parrots, Pierogies and Pirates Have in Common?

  1. Hey,
    Your kids have the most fun adventures! :)
    They are blessed.
    Go, Bucs, Go! no… wait…. Must stick with GO RAYS!

  2. That’s so cool watching a live game with the kids and the kids being able to get so up and close with a mascot!! The parrot is really awesome!!

  3. rhonda says:

    Awesome post! You made us feel as if we were right there. Great photos and I also enjoyed the story you told. It looked like you all had a wonderful time. Beautiful memories :-)

  4. What a great time! Sadly, I have no idea what a Pierogie is. I’ve only been to one baseball game in my life, lol! Maybe someday…

    • Twin Mom says:

      Oh I totally forgot to mention what they are – notice Cameron eating one? They are crescent pieces of dough filled with potato and cheese (typically) and then fried in onion and butter – very healthy 😉

      • Though you can steam or boil perogies… but that ruins all the yumminess! I grew up eating them fried in butter and smothered in grilled onions. DELISH!

        • Twin Mom says:

          When I am watching my weight, I will boil them – they have all that delicious filling. But if I was really watching my weight I probably wouldn’t put these at the top of my “diet list” 😉

  5. Christy says:

    I can’t wait to take my youngest to see a baseball game. I have been to a few games and it was always fun. It looks like your boys had a ton of fun.

  6. OUPA says:

    Oh what fun. A great family day out at the park . That shot of the parrot sitting next to
    the children is perfect. Well done. Who won?

  7. Lexie Lane says:

    Love the parrot! Can’t believe they weren’t scared! You’ve gotta win it for the coolest mom ever!

    • Twin Mom says:

      I wasn’t sure how they would react – made me think Disney would be amazing right now! Although I am not ready for THAT! lol
      And I’ll take the “cool mom” comment – can’t remember when I was last called cool!

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