Vampire Kisses and Belly Buttons


Who doesn’t like a kiss? Well, unlike some things that seem to come naturally to the twins, like Mason’s rhythm and Cameron’s knack for sound effects, kissing doesn’t seem to be one of them. Mason gives vampire kisses – mouth wide, teeth showing and very determined, whereas Cameron prefers the wide mouth bass technique – all open mouth with a hint of a smile attached, and a little more gentle. Actually how would I know if a wide mouth bass kiss is gentle? Clearly I’m just imagining, since you won’t find my lips on a fish, but surely a bass kiss is gentler than a vampire kiss. Thishuman interaction will need some practice and I’m more than happy to oblige. Vampire kisses are welcome and cherished as are some fish kisses, as long as they are not wet! So far so good.

A kiss and a miss - practicing kissing :)

Fish and Vampire kiss :)

The other subject happy to receive (and give kisses) is our lovely dog, Carrie Bradshaw. The boys step right up to her, mouth WIDE open and request a kiss. Now if you aren’t a dog lover, I’m sure you are cringing at the thought of wide mouthed dog kisses, but it makes all parties involved smile, so it must be a good thing! Or perhaps this will be one of those things on my “bad parent list”?

Vampire Kisses

And more kisses

Well the start of a new month means the boys are officially a month older, they are officially 15- months-old fraternal twins. And as the twins’ baby books are just vast, blank pages, I would like to record here what sweet new things they are doing.  Just in the last few days, they have been able to find their bellybutton on request. Cameron thinks his belly button is hilarious and with a plod of the button comes a giggle.

They both can easily flip on their bellies and slide off the bed. Same technique for the couch, belly then off. Cameron has climbed up onto the couch a couple of times, once without any assistance, but the next time he pushed up his car toy, stood on the seat and climbed up. It amazes me how they can figure it out. Well the day he did this he also somersaulted off the side of the couch and BANG, hit his head. Sean heard the cries and came running , and said to me, “from now on, no unsupervised time on the couch!” The thing is I was right there, right next to him, but my arms were on Mason. When you have two kiddies, things like this are just waiting to happen. Anyway, this is probably another item for my “bad parent list”. It’s so strange though, Cameron is constantly bumping his head, always getting bruises and Mason is hardly ever doing it. They both like climbing in and out of boxes, plastic tubs and onto paper towels.

Climbing on a new pack of paper towels!

If these boys are this adventurous at 15 month, I will probably have gray hair by the time the are 15 years old!

The boys can also show us where their head and toes are. This just recently thanks to the song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes”. Somehow they have misplaced their knees and shoulders but maybe they will find them next month!

They continue to interact with each other more, playing peek-a-boo behind the window blind. It was adorable hearing them giggle at each other.

PEEEEEEK - A -.....


As for talking, these boys are noisy – babbling here and there, but they don’t have many words I can recognize yet. Mama and dada and ba for both balloon and ball, are what they have so far. They do understand more now, and can follow simple commands, like putting their clothes in the hamper and paper in the trash. Then we all stop and clap our hands together, celebrating this amazing accomplishment. I think they just do it so we can clap! Anyway, it’s so fun watching them follow directions. If I give one a snack and ask him to give it to his brother, then they do it. It just is so sweet how they feed each other and share their snacks. Sweet twin moments!

Their use of utensils at meals are  really improving, especially for Mason, but eating with hands is always a good back up!


Cameron using his forks!

Some more fun firsts include bubble baths and going down the indoor slide from Aunt Jess. They both can climb backwards down the full flight of stairs, and then finally Mason has just figured out he can run from me…that means both of them do it now. Illegal item in hand, naughty grin and then an awkward “slow run” away from me! Oh and walking backwards happens a lot too. They smile up at me mischievously, and move slowly back.

Time is flying by, skills are mounting, so this is my attempt to remember some of the milestones of my vampire kissing, fish kissing, backward walking, adventurous, happy boys.  



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11 Responses to Vampire Kisses and Belly Buttons

  1. Tamika says:

    What a cute post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a great week, and that you make it to the museum with your sweet little ones!
    Tamika @

  2. Clare says:

    What a lovely post! Looking forward to more adventures.

  3. Carla Karam says:

    Oh how much fun you are having! Many times I wish my five year old would have a built in playmate, such as a twin… then I quickly snap out of it!! Calley is very curious and active and I would go completely crazy with two of her running around! What a blessing for you!! Beautiful boys too!!

  4. Molly says:

    I love that my boys have learned how to kiss! I just wish they preferred me to the cat. 😉 I have also marveled at how everyday items like a case of toilet paper can capture their attention for hours–why do we spend money on toys?!?! Your boys are so cute.

  5. Jenn says:

    How CUTE! I love the kisses, and it brings back memories from when my own little ones were ‘learning’ to kiss…

  6. Sweeeeet post. I remember the wet kisses I used to get on my cheek before my son learned to pucker. It so cute watching twins interact. Now I’m wondering about Carrie Bradshaw and why she had to wear the lampshade? LOL!

  7. They are just too cute!…really;)

  8. Carla Karam says:

    I did not mind one bit reading this post again.. I am growing to love your boys too! as if I was a long lost auntie! Blessings to you and yours!

  9. Sarah says:

    Hahaha, I’m so glad to see my son isn’t the only one to open mouth kiss dogs! He does it to his “uncle” dogs (Grandma’s babies) and he did it to the neighbors dog just recently. We tell him to please stop making out with the dog-dogs, but he does it anyway — add me to that bad parent list you were talking about. :)

  10. Nishana says:

    Cute post and really adorable boys.. My kisses to them.. 😛

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