V is for Variety!


Who doesn’t like variety? It’s the spice of life, is it not?

Well when I asked my readers what on earth to write about for “V”, I got some wonderful responses, so I decided to incorporate them all. So readers this ones for you:

V is for Twin – Van:

Okay, my friends know that I swore I would never get a van, be seen in a van, or drive a van. Readers, I may have seen the error of my ways when I looked inside my friends van. That thing is “pimped out”! It’s spacious, luxurious and has doors that seem to slide closed on their own accord. Yes I admit it, they are nice, but I’m happy with my “crossover” vehicle – it’s meant to be a mix between a van and a SUV. Only thing is it’s so looooooong, I think they tricked me into buying a bus! But don’t worry, I have a back up camera to help me navigate those tight spaces, or I just drive around the block a few times until I find a larger space, so I don’t embarrass myself again! Remember the time that man came out and told me how to park? If you need a funny reminder see here.

V is for Vegetables:

Rice, beans, avocado, tomatoes, chicken - these guys are good eaters!

My 16-month-old twins are excellent eaters, and fruit and vegetables are a huge favorite. They love all the usual veggies but this week we tried asparagus – twice. They are still not 100% sure, but I give these boys 10 points for trying. The weirdest fruit they love is kiwi fruit. They just devour it.

 V is for Vocabulary:

Aaah, vocabulary. This is very interesting. The last few days Cameron has really started “talking”. Problem is I don’t have a clue what he is saying. He uses this sweet, sweet tiny voice and sprouts off sentences and uses many gestures, but I can’t figure it out. Mason’s voice is deeper and he uses shorter sentences. They really chatter to each other more too. The words they know for sure are ma, mama, da, dada, ba (for both balloon and ball – depends where they are pointing), hi, bye, nana (banana), more and I think Cameron says brother. I think they are right on track for 16-month-olds.

V is for Visiting:

As you know Grammy Clare is in da house – visiting from Scotland.  Today we had some fun playing basketball with the boys, and playing at the playground. And Grammy C has been reading them stories and even taught Mason about delicious oatmeal for breakfast – yummy. These moments they are sharing are sweet, every day moments, but they really are precious.

Oatmeal with Grammy

V is for Va Va Vroom:

It’s true – boys will be boys and one of the things they really are paying more attention to these days are the cars. They love when we go on walks around the neighborhood and they get to see the cars driving on the parkway. They do say “woom woom” when cars go by. It’s super cute. And at home they love riding on their cars – or anything with wheels!

Dare devil!

 Well that’s V.

Thanks for reading!

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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8 Responses to V is for Variety!

  1. Sista says:

    Sista, STILL laughing about V for VAN, and the ajoining link, I commented on that too. I very much enjoy how you mixed it up today, all very good subjects begining with V – I so enjoy reading your blog, as we so far apart!! Gives me a great insight into the boys and their lives….your too x

  2. Ruby Young says:

    Hi, absolutely adorable! I am sure you must have seen the “twins talking to one another” video that went viral a few months ago. It was just too hilarious! How sweet to see Grandma feeding them. Love the pics.
    Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

  3. g clodgo says:

    Oh..oatmeal! Love oatmeal…only one kid likes oatmeal. stopping by from A to Z

  4. Those boys sure are growing. Great use of the letter ‘V’ I loved the variety. I think the boys are doing just fine for 16 months!

  5. What cute kids! Love this post — so far, my favorite of your trip through the alphabet!

  6. Sarah says:

    What a cute post! :) I to didn’t want to by a Van either. It’s like the soccer mom thing. haha I ended up with a Mazda 5. Its LIKE a van, but then totally not. Gets GREAT gas mileage too. The same as our smaller car. Works with two kids. 😉

    Ahh fruits AND veggies. I wish. My oldest USED to like these. But now he’s not into them. He has these healthy breakfast bars, they have a fruit filling. SO that’s about all the fruit he gets.

    Cars! My boys love those too. My oldest is into ANYTHING with wheels. It’s cute. 😉 Boys are a joy, aren’t they? :)

  7. Regina says:

    Lots of great Vs. We have an SUV that has a camera on the back too….love it…still hate parallel parking though. Looks like the visit is going well with your mom, enjoy!

  8. Teresa says:

    Love the blog!!! Saw you on the Hop. Please follow me back!!!

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