U is for Ultrasounds – Twin Ultrasounds


Two Weeks old - Fried Eggs!

The first moment we got to see our kids they looked like fried eggs. If you look at “B” aka Cameron, you can see a tiny little circle, which looks like a little pea. And that’s how it began for us…two peas in a couple of pods or double fried egg sandwich.

We were overjoyed!

But having twins means you get to have a lot of ultrasounds. At one point I would go in every two weeks and get to see these boys growing.

Baby “A” we named Mason, Baby “B” we named Cameron.

Here are a few of the cool twin ultrasounds:

7/27/2010 Approx 3 months pregnant (Cameron left Mason Right)

8/11/2010 Approx 5 months pregnant. Love this one!


Both head down 10/15/2010 approx 7 month pregnant

 This ultrasound above is of the two heads, separated by the sack, which you can see as the line between the babies.

See the arrows..We've got HAIR! Mason ..10/15/2010


Cameron also has a fro – 11/6/2010 approx 8 months pregnant

 I remember during one ultrasound appointment, the technician sits down, gels me up, and starts prodding away at my belly, and she looks up and says “you know you have two in here, don’t you?” Well imagine if I didn’t know, that wasn’t a very nice way to be told! The appointment was at noon, this much I remember because I thought, perhaps she is grumpy because she will be late for her lunch!

I felt so lucky as a twin mom to get to see my babies growing so often. As most twins are considered “high-risk pregnancies” they do more frequent ultrasounds to check that there is enough fluid in the sacks and that the babies are growing at the same rates. Sometimes I think it is to help give the moms a “reality check”, because it definitely makes having twins a lot more real seeing them so often. I loved each and every ultrasound. I looked forward to the appointments, even the long waits in the waiting rooms.

And here you see the product of all those ultrasounds – the fried eggs became little gnomes:

And here they are Baby A and Baby B - only a few hours old.

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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19 Responses to U is for Ultrasounds – Twin Ultrasounds

  1. Sista says:

    I remember being so privileged to be able to go to an ultrasound with you and Sean when I was visiting, and got to meet my little nephews before they arrived, such an emotional moment as well, when you first get to see them, hear their hearts beat – PRICELESS!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful, I remember that day when they told us we were having twins, we were in shock, but then it turned into joy, and I loved having ultrasounds every 2 weeks, I have so many pictures of them. Such a blessing Leigh.

  3. Kids grow up really fast don’t they? Before you know it, the gnomes would be taller than you! :)

  4. Oh how sweet. When I was nine weeks pregnant with my first we had an ultrasound, and he looked just like the profile of a rubber duckie. We called him “baby duck” from that moment on, and he came home from the hospital in a duckie outfit. With our second, I had weekly ultrasounds because of complications and loved every one. Seeing him grow stronger each week was sooo cool! Adorable post!

  5. Val says:

    What a gift! This post is a keeper for them. What a wonderful record of their journey into this world.

  6. Oh I loved this post!! I loved seeing the boys from the beginning! How cool! And the picture of them just born is just precious! Thanks for sharing this! Because all three of my pregnancies were considered high risk I too had a lot of ultrasounds and I found it very comforting. With my last two pregnancies I also had the non stress tests every week and I loved hearing the baby’s heartbeat!! Thanks for bringing back sweet memories!! I bet the boys are just going to love reading this when they get older!! xo

  7. Sharon says:

    I always luvd ultra sound pics. I can’t imagine being told I was having twins. Multiple birth moms are my hero’s!

  8. Erin Patrick says:

    Precious, precious, precious!!! Isn’t wonderful with technology that we can “know” our kids before they are even born. Reading this post brought back so many wonderful memories for me. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

  9. Meredith says:

    How cool! I’ve never seen a twin ultrasound before!!

  10. Regina says:

    I’m sure it was a shock at first seeing two. But what an adventure it has been and they look like really sweet kids from your other posts. I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way!

  11. g clodgo says:

    the ultra sounds are quite interesting! With my second child, when he was born, the midwife made a comment that there were two sacks (I am not sure if they were one over the other, or side by side), so I asked her if that meant my pregnancy started out with twins. She said ‘no’, but I wonder if she did that to save me from ever thinking I might have lost one of a set of twins! After all, the psychic said I would have four children… but I have three. So? Does two sacks mean there was another who never developed. Or just an extra sack? stopping by from A to Z

  12. Monica says:

    That is so Beautiful Leigh!! Two little Peas that are growing like weeds!! Can’t wait to meet them!! :).

  13. Pamela says:

    Love this one! I always looks back at the twins baby book and with the first ultrasound it was like WHAT!!!! but then after that seeing both of them nestled in there was awesome! Love it Leigh!

  14. Pamela R says:

    love the eggs to gnomes–will make for a great start for a remberance book to give to them when they graduate school =) Then they can really see how much they’ve grown!!!

  15. Cynthia says:

    My first time seeing a twin ultrasound! I still remember all of the emotions when my husband and I got our first ultrasound…

    Your two littles are absolutely precious!

    On another note: WOW what a grumpy tech!

  16. My favorite shot is the one that looks like a Yin Yang symbol.

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