Twins Hanging with the Father of Pop Art


Out of town guests mean we get to explore our own city for a change, and so we ended up spending some time with Andy, father of pop art.

Can you guess who that is?

Yes, Andy Warhol!

While the museum docent was filling us in on Warhol’s silk screen technique, his large  photograph collection of the stars, and his inspiration for removing the artists hand from the art (thus being more machine like), my twin boys were watching her from the double stroller.  At 17 months, how much can you really take in?  Although the docent was very animated and held their attention for a little while, they soon decided that running around the room in circles was much more fun.

But as you can see Andy’s charm drew them in and made them look like real museum enthusiasts. Here is Mason considering Warhol’s collection of Jackie Kennedy. Mason, what do you think of his use of color?

Hmmmm.. what do you think Mason?

Cameron was attracted to the black and white photos of Warhol and some stars. Here he is hanging with the terminator. Just in case you don’t know what Andy looks like, Cameron will point him out for you…

And here you have that crazy artist...

 And around the room we go. Twins, Mason and Cameron, moving to and fro. Here Mason was stopped by Andy himself. You can see Mason takes this very seriously. He is trying to figure something out. It looks like he has been viewing art for years. He has the stance right as he pauses to consider this photograph.

Mason still considering the artwork

But here is Cameron at the same place. He might be our little actor in the making. See how he is mimicking the stance of the man in the photo to the right – pure coincidence of course. But it really looks like they are looking at the same thing.

Cameron watching...

 Here we all are posing in front of Warhol’s photos and artwork. We had a fun time at the museum.

The family

What was very apparent in Warhol’s work is how he liked to repeat the same image over and over. We saw Silver Elvis repeated about 15 times in a row. Or Images of Chairman Mao repeated but with different colors to evoke different emotions.

As we were leaving the one floor my friend pointed out how the twins were creating their own “Andy Warhol piece” . See in the photo how they had the exact same pose! And I thought these boys were too young to take it in – clearly they had taken it all in, understood it and now replicating it themselves! Since he was so interested in repetition, I wonder if Warhol ever did work with twins?

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34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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17 Responses to Twins Hanging with the Father of Pop Art

  1. Kristina says:

    Your photos here are fantastic – really capturing how well the boys interacted and responded to the art around them. I’m always fascinated by what my kids can pick up and take away from a piece of art, and sometimes wish they had the language to tell me, but my daughter (who’s almost 5) often tries to mimic things she’s seen in paintings when doing her own work – similar shapes, similar colour mixes. (And sometimes even does something entirely different but tells me it reminds her of something we’ve seen – definitely interesting:)

  2. How fun! You are much braver than I taking the kiddos to a museum! We only do children’s museums :) Of course, if mine still fit in a stroller, then it might be a different story. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  3. Ashleigh says:

    First, can I say? I have stroller envy! I went with a graco travel system, and now which I had got something more for the long run like you have here!

    What a fun time! Looks liek the boys really enjoyed themselves. They are at that age where EVERYthing is fun to explore!

  4. Wow love all the pictures, you all seem to have a great time, I love the family picture, beautiful!

  5. Clare Muller says:

    Amazing! What great mimics they are! Love it.

  6. Wow your pictures are awesome! Its amazing watching how children see things. Makes you wonder what is going through their little minds :) Thank you for sharing!

  7. So cute. Think how cultured they are! They really are adorable.

  8. mamawolfe says:

    Great, great photos! I’m not sure if Warhol did work with twins, but if he did, yours would have been perfect subjects! Sounds like a very fun day.

  9. Oh what fun pictures those are!!! 😀 And I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, your kids are adorable.

  10. Joy says:

    Wow! Didn’t even know that place existed. And it’s funny, I thought Andy Worhol was a totally different person! (the guy who used to be on Saturday Night live! Oops!) By the way, LOVE the pic of your family!

    Warmest regards,

  11. Mollygram says:

    WoW! Excellent. Could you e-mail this to me please (for my non-FB pals). xo Mollygram

  12. Pamela R says:

    Wonderful– love that your taking your kids to the museums at such a young age. NEVER toooo soone to grow found of such great work.
    If you google Andy Warhol/Twins-you’ll find a NOT so family friendly history with twins =}

  13. Carla Karam says:

    Your pictures added such beauty to those of Andy’s… it made them complete!! Love those boys of yours!!

  14. Sista says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, and what great pictures, looks like you all had a ball, I want to eat up my nephews!!! When you took us there a good few years back, there was that room full of helium ballooooons – didn’t have that then, if so, you would never have been able to get the boys home – do you remember that room?

    • Twin Mom says:

      They did have that room but we were “thrown out” becuase the bos were getting too frisky! I didn’t write about it because the boys got up from their nap and I had to post the post before they woke up :)

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