Twins – Cute Things at 21 Months Old.



I’ve been MIA for a bit – sorry about that – Hope you missed us! We all had a fantastic vacation in Maine… now we are back to reality.

Once in a while I like to talk about the cute things the twins are managing to do, as I am not keeping a baby book.

So here goes…

Language explosion:

The twins are really repeating words on a more regular basis. They have definitely mastered “NO” as clear as can be, with the occasional finger wag and head shake thrown in for good measure. Last week Mason started saying “please and thank you” although thank you sounds more like “ti ti”, and only I know what they are saying :)

Diggers (excavators, or anything John Deer) seems to be the flavor of the month. They both call them “dig dig”.

While in Maine, we discovered a little toy “village” of diggers, that some wonderful kid left at the end of the beach. So just like at home, when we go see the diggers every day, we would say to the boys “Let’s go see the diggers” and we’d go play with the John Deer toys at the end of the beach.

Well one time we mentioned it to the boys, but we were taking a little long to get out the house. Mason opened the house door, then the screen door, walked down the beach steps and marched down the beach to go play. He got to the neighbors house before we caught up with him! He was safe – but this just showed me how much they really do understand when we talk, and also how independent these boys are at only 21 months! We probably have to edit our music list again – no more butt slapping, hip hop tunes!

The boys are doing great animal sounds and are able to identify most objects in books (by pointing at them).

There is definitely some twin talk going on…and they call each other  “braha” or brother :)


T ball is our new favorite thing. Cameron seems to be a lefty – he has an amazing swing for only just being introduced to this sport. Mason seems to be a righty, and also seems to enjoy hitting the ball. Although Mason would much rather go dig in the sand.

Both boys learnt to catch and throw the ball last month, so we are still working on that – although they seem to be pretty good at it already.

Jumping is a new trick for both boys.


Both boys are very curious about other kids and they really enjoy watching them.  They played alongside my friends children in Maine, and as far as I know there were no incidents.

Sharing goes really well when they feel like sharing, but I would say this is hit or miss at this point. Especially when they are tired, taking turns seems to be a challenge.

Over all they are happy kids, although slightly more clingy this month.

The twins make each other laugh and they play well together. Cameron does seem to be practicing his wrestling moves on his brother more often, so we are experimenting with time outs.

Pretend Play:

On our road trip home, Cameron had his Elmo toy and started giving Elmo some milk. It was adorable! I had never seen him do that before. But that morning before we left, Grammy was reading a book with him and making him feed the baby a bottle, so I think that’s where it came from.

Drink up Elmo

Later I asked Mason if he could give Elmo some milk, and he did.

Well that’s what they are doing these days. It’s really a fun stage.

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34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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13 Responses to Twins – Cute Things at 21 Months Old.

  1. Liz says:

    Seriously? This is the ULTIMATE baby book! I love seeing them again! How cute feeding Elmo too! Welcome back!

  2. Rosey says:

    It sounds like it was a fun vacation, and the pics are great, as always.

    Good thing you caught your little one, they’re quick, aren’t they?? :)

  3. Sista says:

    Sista welcome back and you certainly were missed – I just LOVE getting the updates on my nephews and love watching you grow as a Mum! I am so very proud of you! I can say, as your witness, that I heard the boys say a very definite NO – it was so so cute and sounded very American, I just wanted to eat them up!!!! (Our family are South African) glad that you had some wonderful family time with hubby aka Daddy, the photos of Sean with the boys just fantastic!!!! Love love love that MDM went walking off to the diggers, want to hear more about that! And I’m sure Grammy taught CEM to feed his baba = priceless x

  4. so sweet! my twin boys who are four are wrestling like crazy! i am pretty sure “referee” is something I can now put on my resume. i thought it was something they would out-grow, but i am finding it’s only getting worse and i don’t see an end to it as i had imagined. in fact i am sure when they are 30 years old i am in the kitchen making thanksgiving dinner i will emerge to find them wrestling! i just think being physical is just so much more natural for them. mine are talking so much more too. it definitely took awhile with them compared to my older son because, again, i think they are used to language that doesn’t always require words. i adore watching my twins and it’s so fun for me to see yours too! love the updates!

  5. Coretta says:

    I love toddlers! I have a daughter that’s 27 months and she amazes me every day! This is the cutest baby book ever!

  6. Oh I missed the twins. I skipped a few people in VB just to see them. Oh I missed you too 😉 Now let me go back up and read.

  7. LOL! Poor Elmo might have drowned on the last one. Yes be careful of that music. It happens overnight. They repeat something that makes your eyes bulge out of your head.

  8. Love the picture of giving Elmo a drink. All four of my daughters were major into pretend play. #2 loved babies so much that even if she didn’t have one with her she’d create one. Ketchup bottles, blankets, whatever was around became her baby. :)

  9. Oupa says:

    HI my darling. Welcome back.

    They are growing so fast. Love their digging toys.

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