Toddler Fun in Kennebunkport Maine: Three Surprising Finds!


 We have been visiting Kennebunkport in Maine for quite a few summers, but now that we have kids the focus has changed from the relaxing lunches along the waterfront to high energy fun!

My twin toddlers are very active, so I had to come up with some fun activities to keep the mischief at bay!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are quite a few things the toddlers can do around town for free or at a greatly reduced price. Here are just three of my great finds to share with you:

1. Lobster Boat Tour: I called a couple of places and found Kylie’s Chance Scenic Lobster Cruise on Ocean Avenue. It cost $20 for me, and my kids were…… wait for it….completely FREE! I was so excited that I booked it straight away. Yup, kids under 3 years old are no charge.

This lobster might have been hired by the boat captain – he was waving for the photo :)

Well the boys had a blast on the tour – they got to touch a lobster (although only Mason actually did it), they saw some seals and got to be on a BOAT! Yes – very exciting for the twins! More about this in another post because I just have to go back again with my hubby and some friends next time.

I will say it was super cute (and responsible) of the twins – life jackets were optional, and they REALLY wanted to wear them – they were the only two on the boat to be sporting them!

2. Horse drawn Carriage Ride: If you have been to Kennebunkport as much as we have, I am sure you have noticed the beautiful horse drawn carriage parked at 25 Ocean Avenue (Rockin’ Horse Stables). Well I stopped to enquire about the price and was pleasantly surprised with the rates. It’s $15 per adult ($30 minimum) and kids 2 and under are FREE :) Older kids are just $5.

Well we hopped right on, met the horses (Red and Dan) and went for a lovely stroll around Kennebunkport. We felt a little bit like celebrities: everyone waved as we went by, and lots of attention was given to the huge horses.

The history tour was interesting enough – what I heard of it anyway, since the twins were more excited about pointing out the pick up trucks driving down the street, and flags in the gardens, than hearing about Widow watches and other historical facts.

Lets face it – being on a horse drawn carriage was enough of a thrill for the boys!

3. Private Gardens Tour: This activity was wonderful, but it depends when you come to Maine. We were lucky enough to go to the 18th Annual Private Garden Tour in Kennebunkport, and the proceeds for this event go to a children’s charity. Once again kids 2 and under were FREE.

My toddlers love being in nature, smelling flowers and exploring, so they enjoyed finding Sunflowers (they were actually yellow daisies), they saw a few goats and a miniature horse, and they even got to plant their own pot of wild flowers.

My personal highlight of the tour was seeing a tiny hummingbird, buzz right up to the flowers, but I was too slow to capture the moment.

All in all I was happy to find that we can do some fun touristy things in the port and take the kids along for a fraction of the cost or free.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your next trip to Kennebunkport.

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34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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21 Responses to Toddler Fun in Kennebunkport Maine: Three Surprising Finds!

  1. Enjoy the free stuff while you can cuz soon they will be teens and nothing is free lol! I miss the days when they could eat from the kids menu free! It looks like you guys had fun :)

    • Twin Mom says:

      I know lol! Kids are expensive – I wish I had known kids would be free for these things. As a first time mom I had no idea! Now I need another kid so I can take advantage 😉

  2. Michele says:

    I haven’t been to Maine in ages!! It brings back wonderful memories of when my parents would take me there as a child.

  3. Clare says:

    What fun you all seem to be having! It looks so great, and such a pretty town too.

    • Twin Mom says:

      Kennebunk really makes itself look pretty in the Summer with all their flower boxes out etc. It’s a cute town!

  4. Loreina says:

    The lobster boat tour looks awesome! One day I hope to be able to do something like that with my girls!

  5. Lexie Lane says:

    A boat ride, carriage, garden activity? Wow! That’s a whole lotta fun! I’m quite sure the boys would have had a ton of fun! Nice clear pics mama!

  6. Sista says:

    What a fantastic blog, we really have missed you Sista! The huge smile on the boys faces are testament to the huge amount of fun they are having. The photo of you and the boys in the carriage, and Mason’s HUGE SMILE = priceless. So nice to know that in this day and age there are still a few bargains out there for all to enjoy.

  7. Love seeing these happy photos! :)

  8. Corinne says:

    These all sound like fun ideas! I think my kids would especially love the lobster boat tour. Will have to remember these when we finally make it to Maine (hopefully soon!).

  9. Oh how fun!!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Maine this summer. Love the big smiles on everyone, even Mum!

  10. Sharon says:

    I would sooooo want to do the horse carriage and lobster boat! I love things like that :)

  11. It looks like you and your family had lots of fun. You guys do a bunch of fun things, I need to start a travel blog so I get freebie travel deals. 😉

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