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Does your toddler love to read or would she rather run off and play with the other toys?

With twin toddlers, I have one of each! One will sit and listen to almost all stories, but the other one requires a little more “magic” to stay and listen to the whole story.  This isn’t true for every story – at night time, he will stay and listen to the books, but during the day the blocks (or other toy) might lure him away.

A week or so ago, I wrote about encouraging the love of reading in kids. One suggestion was to make reading FUN!

Pretty obvious right? Well, most things are, we just sometimes need a fresh view or reminder to get us back on track. There are days I dread reading the “requested” book, because I am tired or distracted, so here are tips to keep it fun.

1. Change the Rhythm: We went to story time at the library last week for the first time. It was great. They would read a book, then sing a song, read a book, then stand up and dance and sing. This change in rhythm, not only in the voice but the body, really made reading fun, and helped keep the toddlers interested.

2. Bring in a new voice: YUP – this gets you off the hook, by roping in a new reader. Tonight my friend read “Tickle Monster” to the kids, and the book really came alive! I haven’t heard it read the way he read it, and the kids were in stitches! This new voice really made it fun.

Don’t limit yourself to adults either – choose a peer. Special moments were created when the twins’ cousin picked up a classic and started reading to the boys and her brother.

The twins loved the cousin reading session so much that they decided to read to HER! Then later that night, Mason was missing and I found him sitting on the bean bag in his room reading out loud to himself. I thought it was so adorable, and I give all the credit to his cousin reading earlier that day!

3. Act It Out: My two year old twins (yes, the dreaded age) are developing a flare for the dramatic! Throwing back their heads and hollering, throwing down their bodies and flailing…. so lets channel their drama into acting out their books :) Their Grandmother just had them act out “Little Miss Muffett”. I was extremely surprised how they could act out a little scenario. This made for a really fun reading activity.

So the next time you try to make reading fun for toddlers, try changing things up – pick a new person to read the story, act it out or throw in a fun song or dance. I am sure you will get rave reviews from your kiddos and great memories too!

Happy reading


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20 Responses to Tips for Making Reading Fun for Toddlers

  1. OUPA says:

    So happy that they enjoy their books. Some great ideas to keep them focused. Well done Abby. James has lost his magnificent curls.

  2. Jess says:

    Adorable! Also, reading every night before bed and listening to books on cd is great to share the love of reading.

  3. Sharon Green says:

    You’ve got great ideas here. I have the same issue; one of my daughters will sit through a reading session while my other daughter will wander off to play with her dolls!

  4. How wonderful. Our daughter loves to read and lines up her stuffed animals to read aloud to them. There’s something special about good old-fashioned books.

  5. Pamela R says:

    silly voices are always a hit! Super tips!

  6. I love these fun ideas – especially different voices like the Tickle Monster. We also have Family Reading time that we started when my son was 2. (We kept it short at that age!) Everyone gets a book and sits down together to read their own book. At that age Zed just turned the pages, but now he reads 600 page books – and we read as a family for 30-45 minutes. Thanks for this post!

  7. Sara says:

    These are great tips, Leigh! My younger girls love it when mommy reads in silly voices! It’s one of our favorite bonding activities. =)

  8. Mollygram says:

    P.S. They were acting out Little Mr. Muffet and their 5 year old cousin was demonstarting. They also did Humpty Dumpty. Soon it will be the Billy Goat’s Gruff and 3 Pigs. Best to all…great blog from a great Mommy.

  9. Christy says:

    Reading is fun and is a great way for kids to learn new words.

  10. Anna M says:

    I’ll definitely have to try some of these tips.. My 2 1/2 year old gets so distracted by other toys in the room we are lucky if we get through a few pages!

  11. DelSheree says:

    I love your suggestions! Most of the Dr. Suess books have great rhythms and definitely inspire funny voices and acting out the silliness. I know these were always my kids’ favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips, Leigh! These will come in handy. :)

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