The Year of The Skunk Continues!



Yes, yet another encounter with a skunk!

That makes three this year – first my dog Carrie Bradshaw got skunked on holiday this summer, then we recently had a baby skunk trapped in our back yard and now this!

Universe, I am starting to take this personally! Could you not have chosen to send a nicer animal to visit us? How about a plague of cute bunnies or sweet fluffy puppies? It would be really hard to take bunnies and puppies personally. But a skunk??

Okay, well at least this skunk encounter was harmless and kind of funny – here is Cameron taking “control” of the skunk situation we encountered at the local Fall Festival….

At first Cameron walked right by the skunk, but his bro had spotted him:

Cameron quickly identifies the skunk!


Examining the legs...

 A ha! a good fit!

And now I think he is trying to push this skunk home, to the backyard, where it belongs :)

At least this skunk is MUCH better smelling than the last few we encountered!

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34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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13 Responses to The Year of The Skunk Continues!

  1. Pamela R says:

    Oh this was a fun one to look at–I happen to love SKUNKS because they are Black and White, my favorite color combo for animal-Pandas, Zebras, Cows…you get it—but only like PHOTOS of them or maybe A great carving like this one =)

  2. Two skunks!! Really?!! I wonder what it means when the universe sends skunks, it must be really good luck!! Lol! I love this skunk and your two sweeties. They have gotten so big. What a beautiful family you have!! Great to stop by and visit!

  3. Ah, yes. It seems like it’s nothing but skunk love at your place. Isn’t that wonderful? What joy! (dripping with sarcasm) My late husband and our dog had a late-night skunk encounter too. I’ll be blogging about that as soon as I find the photo of those two little stinkers. Great post.

  4. LOL! You scared me – I thought it was a real one again. 😀 But seriously is there a repellent to at least keep your real visitor outside the perimeter of your property?

  5. Yuck..stinky skunks. Love the one that your little boy was trying to push.

  6. Sista says:

    This is just hilarious……just because I saw a skunk in a shop and almost got it for you as a “Welcome to the UK” gift…after this that really would of been funny, but I was such a lovely Sista I just walked past it ;0)

  7. Mommys Juice says:

    So funny! Maybe if you put that in your backyard it will scare the others away!

  8. OUPA says:

    Sies. Daai goed stink!

  9. Flawed Mommy says:

    Haha! How adorable. It’s so great how at that age everything is so interesting and fun to them. It’s so much fun watching them learn about the world around them. :)

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