The Mother Load


OH. MY. GOODNESS. How Mortifying!  Yes I made it to my appointment today, on the right day but it seemed like everyone else had anappointment there today too. Parking was a little tough. I found my spot. It was LARGE. As is my newish “crossover” car. I pulled into position, reversed and then my back up cam says “go any further and you’re toast”. So I pull forward again, reverse, same deal, “go any further and you are toast”. So I tried a different angle etc. etc. You get the picture. So after about eight attempts, I am sufficiently parked and now late for said appointment.  Anyway this guy rushes out of the store that
I just parked my new mama wagon in front of and he says to me “I don’t mean to
be critical of your parallel parking, but what you should have done is get the
door blah blah blah blah”. OH MY GOODNESS! I was mortified that someone had actually watched that ordeal and I was caught in the act! And even worse still, he tried to explain to ME how to parallel park! To the woman who can drive on both sides of the road (Europe and US and of course South Africa), well who can actually speed on either side of the road, with a manual stick shift and not even break a sweat. I am an excellent driver and can parallel park on either side of the road no problem. When we are in Europe, Sean gets me to drive. He actually said that if we were Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you know comparing us to Brad and Angie, then yes he would let me drive the getaway car and he would shoot.

Well all that skill changed when these boys arrived and I had to trade in my sexy SUV for a large and very responsible mama wagon. MORTIFIED. This thing is a boat. A very, very comfy, luxurious boat. But Yes I can fit seven people in my car now with ease – heck I could even squeeze the dog in too. The sad thing is even with this huge mamamobile and all that twin gear we drag around, we are now thinking of getting a roof rack and bin for our next adventure! GEEZ!

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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5 Responses to The Mother Load

  1. Clare Muller says:

    A roof rack I can understand – you never travelled light, but a bin?

  2. Jill maddox says:

    Anyone who packs so many shoes for a weekend in Vegas needs a bin (or two),

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  4. Sista says:

    I missed this post – I am laughing SO much, I might wet myself, that is the funniest story, I really can’t stop laughing!!!! And I agree with Jill & Mum, heck girlfriend you like to pack a LOT of stuff…..I know, cause I am the same, cut from the same cloth Sista x

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