Teamwork Among Twins Creates Overachievers!



A recent study conducted in my humble abode shows that teamwork among twin toddlers creates overachievers.

In other words when twins work together they work TWICE as well, achieve TWICE as much and create TWICE as much mess!

Yup you guessed it – it boils down to double trouble :)

I asked the boys to feed the dog and this was the result:


I don’t think our dog, Carrie Bradshaw, has EVER seen so much food in one place! She must think it’s her birthday or something!

I can only hypothesize that had one son fed the dog, I would have had the perfect amount in the bowl – not overflowing like this!

So together the twins are overachievers :) Or just plain messy! You decide.  One thing is for sure, with twins it seems to be double everything, especially double the MESS!

Now accepting prayers 😉

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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12 Responses to Teamwork Among Twins Creates Overachievers!

  1. Pamela R says:

    what a happy dog—guess you have to give each boy a smaller cup,cause I’m sure they each had to give her a scoop ;D Now if they can learn to clean up twice as fast it will all balance out LOL

  2. Mollygram says:


  3. Your puppy is adorable. She looks very happy with her overflowing dog food bowl. My puppies have a smaller bowl and it seems as if we are constantly having to refill it.

  4. My poor dog has gone a whole day without food because the ONE non-twin responsible for feeding her forgot. I didn’t realize it until my bedtime snack (when the dog uncharacteristically tried to steal my popcorn). :(

    Yay, twin-power!!!! Happy dog. :)

    • Twin Mom says:

      UH OH! Don’t worry my dog is constantly underfed 😉 The poor forgotten dog!

      • Our dogs typically eat faster than we can fill up their bowl too. We have two small dogs and allow them to graze at their food bowl. It works well except for when the kids forget to check on their food and water bowls. Of course if they are thirsty, they have figured out how to jump into the kids bathtub after they have finished bathing and lap up the water. Guess that is much better than toilet water.

  5. You definitely don’t need fish as pets;0

  6. Cody says:

    Hilarious! They are getting so big!

  7. OUPA says:

    Now that is a HAPPY dog. ” My bowl runneth over”.

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