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Preschool for the Twins Equals Crazy Morning Routines!

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 Last week…… “Wake up, little loves, it’s time to get ready for school” Check my watch – got plenty of time. Drag the kids out of bed, get the breakfast ready, walk the dog, dress the kids, dress myself, check … Continue reading

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Technology Enhances My Family’s Life, How About Yours?

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  “Oh no, where Grammy go?”  …the heartbreaking words uttered from Cameron as he watched Grammy’s airplane take off into the sky back to Scotland. Mason, his twin, had minutes before uttered the sweet words to his Grammy, “Don’t worry Grammy, … Continue reading

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Teamwork Among Twins Creates Overachievers!

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  A recent study conducted in my humble abode shows that teamwork among twin toddlers creates overachievers. In other words when twins work together they work TWICE as well, achieve TWICE as much and create TWICE as much mess! Yup … Continue reading

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