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How to Survive Apple Picking with Toddlers!

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 Well it’s that time of year again – Fall.  You wake up in the morning to a crisp chill in the air, leaves have started changing colors and there’s a whole new group of activities to sink your teeth into – … Continue reading

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Crazy Weather Weekend

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This past weekend brought some scary, crazy weather around the U.S. The North East was hit with a blizzard called Nemo that brought two to three feet of snow, and more than ten tornadoes hit Mississippi in the South this … Continue reading

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O is for Otitis Media – What’s that Smarty Pants?

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Anyone know what Otitis Media is? Well, I’m definitely NOT the smarty pants, but thank you for thinking it! I have to confess the smarty pants in this instance and obviously only this instance is my hubby. When I asked … Continue reading

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G is for Growing up Grateful.

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One of the values I hope to instill in the boys is to be grateful for all the blessings in their life. There is something so rewarding about doing a good deed and knowing that the person appreciates it. I … Continue reading

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Our Day of FOOD!

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Yesterday was all about food! The twins started out with a refreshing slice of mini watermelon for breakfast. You should have heard the slurps and the noises they made as they chomped down this sweet fruit. The boys seemed to … Continue reading

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Rocks, Blocks and Lollipops!

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I should drive around with a sticker on my car saying “I Love Rocks”. Not any rocks mind you. Yes I love sparkly rocks that reflect nice rainbows of light, what girl doesn’t? But the rocks I’m talking about today have … Continue reading

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Can you remember YOUR first trip to the ZOO?

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Reach back into that foggy part of your memory, stretch those brain cells and see if you can remember the first time you laid eyes on a tiger? Were you excited? Were you  amazed? Or did you just think it … Continue reading

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Challenge: Weaning off the Bottle and using the Sippy Cup!

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These are the days I wish the boys slipped out of the birth canal with an instruction manual! This manual would say, “Parents, all you need to do to successfully wean your kids from the bottle is follow these simple … Continue reading

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Vampire Kisses and Belly Buttons

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Who doesn’t like a kiss? Well, unlike some things that seem to come naturally to the twins, like Mason’s rhythm and Cameron’s knack for sound effects, kissing doesn’t seem to be one of them. Mason gives vampire kisses – mouth … Continue reading

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