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Fall Activity for Kids- Painting Craft Pumpkins

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My friend Sara recently asked me what kinds of Fall activities I had planned for the twins. Apart from going to all the pumpkin patches in and around town I came up with nothing. That’s when she suggested painting craft … Continue reading

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My Sweet, Sensitive, Toddler BOYS!

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Isn’t this enough to make your heart melt? This morning after walking the dog, we were walking back up the porch steps… Mason says: “Mommy, you put flower in my head?” I turn around and his arm is out stretched toward … Continue reading

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Crazy Weather Weekend

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This past weekend brought some scary, crazy weather around the U.S. The North East was hit with a blizzard called Nemo that brought two to three feet of snow, and more than ten tornadoes hit Mississippi in the South this … Continue reading

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Miserable Morning Turns to Magical Memories!

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  We drove about an hour and arrived at our destination – East Links Family Park in Scotland. Looking out from the car window, we could see a huge wooden fort with multicolored family crests hoisted high on the front facade.  There … Continue reading

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Veterans Day – Remembering…

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  So many lives touched, so many lives lost in wars. In our family we have had uncles, grandfathers and fathers that have been soldiers. Even my grandmother helped out in the wars. Here’s remembering them and all those who … Continue reading

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When Toddlers Bite, Do You Bite Back?

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  Last week I confessed my “secret” – that my sweet toddler (21 months old) has started biting his twin brother. The reason it’s a secret is that I (selfishly) didin’t want my kid to become the outcast of the … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures Make for a Good Life!

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  I think the boys heard the sun peeking over the horizon this morning, because at the crack of dawn they were up! The beach must have been calling to them because they scooched out of bed and ran to … Continue reading

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