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Simple Pleasures Make for a Good Life!

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  I think the boys heard the sun peeking over the horizon this morning, because at the crack of dawn they were up! The beach must have been calling to them because they scooched out of bed and ran to … Continue reading

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One and One is Celebrating 6 Months of Blogging!

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  I’m so excited and proud that this blog has made it six months! I was trying to plan something special for today, but as life would have it, that was not to be. I love this little project. I … Continue reading

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W is for Wonderful Wagon Rides – Whoo hoo!

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Who wouldn’t get excited by the site of the Red Wagon? Whenever the boys see that we are taking out the wagon for our walk they get all babbly and happy. They will try and throw themselves into it any … Continue reading

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T is for “Twin Time” (aka Constantly Late!)

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Please friends and family, vouch for me….before the twins came along I was always on time. Nowadays in our family we talk about “Twin Time” – whenever we are meant to be anywhere and we are about half an hour … Continue reading

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E is for Experiment!

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Try to┬áimagine for a moment, the feeling of waking up from a cat nap and finding yourself completely surrounded by your favorite thing. What would it be? Spring flowers, chocolate (yes!), cars, books, TV? Would you be disoriented for a … Continue reading

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