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D is for Disappearing Dog!

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The door was open just a second to long and out saunters Carrie Bradshaw, (my Wheaten Terrier mix) following her humans as if she was invited to join us on our errand. Two problems: Problem number one: we aren’t in … Continue reading

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Vampire Kisses and Belly Buttons

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Who doesn’t like a kiss? Well, unlike some things that seem to come naturally to the twins, like Mason’s rhythm and Cameron’s knack for sound effects, kissing doesn’t seem to be one of them. Mason gives vampire kisses – mouth … Continue reading

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Oh Repairman, do we have a surprise for you?

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SLAM! (loud voices…) The instant I hear it, realization dawns on me that the car door slamming outside my house is the repairman coming to fix my front door. He is talking REALLY loudly to someone, but that’s the perfect … Continue reading

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From Africa to the Suburbs


Danger lurks everywhere! Growing up in South Africa, my mom always stressed to check your shoes before you put your foot into it. You never know what could decide to crawl in during the night and make that dark, smelly thing it’s … Continue reading

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Where does the time go?

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February is flying by! The theme for this month seems to be “adventure”! These boys are trying out all new things, developing new tricks and getting many bruises along the way. At 14 months they are both becoming very clingy … Continue reading

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Twins becomes Triplets!

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Glorious sleep interrupted by Ralph. Not the guy but the sound. Dry heaving. I jump out of bed to find Carrie Bradshaw (the dog, not the blonde) dry heaving at the foot of my bed. I try to shove her … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th!

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Vegas bound!! Off to celebrate some wonderful ladies as they turn a year older. Time to celebrate some wonderful friendships. It can only be lucky to travel and gamble on Friday the 13th, right? In two inches of snow…. Right … Continue reading

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The Mother Load


OH. MY. GOODNESS. How Mortifying!  Yes I made it to my appointment today, on the right day but it seemed like everyone else had anappointment there today too. Parking was a little tough. I found my spot. It was LARGE. As … Continue reading

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A timid start…


I’m doing it. Taking a step in to the unknown. This blog is my way of communicating with those near and far. And believe me, I mean far. My journey started in South Africa, then I “jumped the pond”  to Scotland … Continue reading

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