T is for “Twin Time” (aka Constantly Late!)


Please friends and family, vouch for me….before the twins came along I was always on time. Nowadays in our family we talk about “Twin Time” – whenever we are meant to be anywhere and we are about half an hour late we just shrug and say “Sorry, we are on twin time!”

These are my excuses for being late!

It took us a long time (16 months) to get to this point where we just shrug and mildly apologize. We used to be embarrassed, no, actually completely mortified, but now I think people give us a little bit of a free pass as they have come to expect it.

Just yesterday the photographer shows up to take some family pics of us with Grammy who is visiting from Scotland. Well he arrived and I had one kid under my arm in a football hold, fully dressed on the top, diapered bum on the bottom – clearly not ready. So I welcome him in and apologize for that and my messy house, but luckily he understands as he is also a father of twins. He definitely understands “Twin Time”!

When the boys were just three weeks old we were taking them out to visit my in-laws for Christmas day. The only trips we had taken up to this point (due to cold, winter weather) was the doctors. I remember it took us four hours to get ready and out the door. We would just start to go and we would have to stop and feed a baby, change a diaper, clean spit up or pacify a crying baby. It had taken us so much effort to pack up everything and get to the point that we were ready to leave, that I looked at the hubby completely exhausted, and said “Why don’t we just stay home?” Truth is my mother-in-laws turkey was calling to me and I was having some, no matter what!

We no longer take four hours to get ready, but on any day we could still have these “unforeseen circumstances” right before we are about to leave, that stop us from being on time. Now I start getting ready at least an hour before we need to leave. Gone are the spontaneous trips to the store, movie, friends. Now it’s plan, plan, plan, pack, pack, pack. My diaper bag is impressively large and I often forget to put everything in there! A few times we have actually gotten to our destination and realized we left the diaper bag at home. We were probably on time those days.

I can’t wait to be punctual again, but maybe you experienced parents or caregivers know better.

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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7 Responses to T is for “Twin Time” (aka Constantly Late!)

  1. Sista says:

    Ha ha ha – gone are the days when u are punctual again. I use to get so embarest when we were late due to my step-kids!! People without kids really DO NOT understand until they themselves have kids. Oh well chick my only advise to you would be plan in advance

  2. Regina says:

    I used to be the punctual one. Until I had kids and now that they are older, I really don’t have an excuse as to why I’m late. I just am doing other things instead of getting ready to go.

    I can’t imagine it taking 4 hours, but as you described it I remember those days and it always seemed that something came up when I went to leave. I never looked at the clock to see how long it took me, I just showed up when I showed up.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane of babies.

  3. Hmmm…twins does seem like an awfully good excuse to be late. Those early baby days it was impossible to get out the door on time. There were way too many things that had to go out the door with you. With twins, I can imagine your diaper bag feels like your entourage! I used to pack everything, but the kitchen sink just in case. Now that my kids are a bit older, I’m lucky if I have tissues on me…and sadly, no more good excuses to be late.

  4. Leigh I can only imagine how it must have been in the beginning! I remember trying to get out the door with just one newborn!!! It easily took me an hour or two. I would have him all ready then I would need to change him again, that would take forever then I would get him just about done and he would spit up or pee again. By the time I had him ready it would be time to nurse him again!!! I commend you for even getting to appointments around the right time with toddlers!!!! One toddler is enough to mess up a schedule but 2!!! You and your husband have my vote for Sainthood!!! xoxo

  5. Girl I know what you mean, when I had the twins I had a 2 year old also, so I was always late, someone crying, someone went poop, someone spit up, then i have to change clothes, diapers, get them in there car seats, by the time i got in the car I was TIRED and late to where i had to go :-) But Leigh it does get better, I think with each baby, I am very punctual now, even though i have little ones.

  6. Kate says:

    Looks like great fun? Mine were space every two years (0,2,4, now they’re 16,18,20) … just a different form of delightful!

  7. I think you’re more allowed to be late with twins. C’mon, let those punctual people try it!;)

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