Potty Training Twin Toddlers


My twin boys are 2 and 1/4 years old, and potty training has just begun for one twin. Mason showed all the signs that he was ready to start the process, whereas his brother was not (read about that here). As you know I faced my fears of training the twins and started last week when the snowy weather was bound to keep us home.

I loved what “What to expect ” had to say about training twins. In a nutshell –  don’t use a reward chart as it will make the other twin jealous, and point out how far behind they are in the training. Do celebrate by doing a dance or a song. Make the twins go without undies as you will have a ton more washing to do. Bring in help while you train – baby sitters or friends so you can catch them before the accidents.

We are now on day 7, but for us day 2 was the worst! We had such a great start, nothing too terrible, and then…….

POOP CITY! It was not for the faint of heart. I had to sacrifice a few undies that I couldn’t bear cleaning! Day 2 we also put the twin that was not really “ready” for training in the pull ups and that caused most of the issue. DO NOT start training before they are ready! That is what I learnt from day two!

So I continued just with Mason. He is doing so well! He is using the toilet at home and in public bathrooms. He has asked to go a few times, but mostly it is us asking him if he needs to go. He often says no, so I have to rephrase how I say it and actually say,  “It’s time to go use the potty”, instead of giving him the option of saying no. When he has said no, it’s then been a struggle to get him on the loo. Learn from my mistakes :)

I did break down and make a reward jar.


We went and bought stickers, plastic animals, a car and noise makers. I got the idea for the noise makers from Huggies. They have a potty training kit (you are welcome for the free advertising Huggies! 😉 ) that has been incredible. Mason LOVES the car pull ups, and the noise makers made both boys giggle and laugh when they heard them!

Celebrating his success!

The chart and hats are not that great for us. Anyway we haven’t really used the rewards because Mason is going without an issue and I don’t want him to expect something EVERY time he goes. I do think they will be useful when he is dry for a long period. We have been doing a lot of praise and high fives!

Anyway – we are on day 7 as I said before, and I have read that some people are done within 3 days! I’m not too worried, because we are very active and so I haven’t really stayed home much. We are relying on the pull ups mostly and not undies or naked. I think I need to let him wear more undies and less pull ups when we are home.

Well that’s the update. As always I welcome all encouragement, need your tips and love hearing your point of view.

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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20 Responses to Potty Training Twin Toddlers

  1. Olusola says:

    I avoided the rewards and stickers part of potty training by making flushing the reward. My girls love that they get to flush after they finish doing their business and the few times I forgot and flushed by reflex, it’s been meltdown galore. Good job mom.

    I think the 3 day thing is sorta a myth like sleeping through the night – you wonder why your kids aren’t sleeping through the night like the other kids their age, then you realize most people describe sleeping through the night as 6 hours straight *eye-roll*.

    Most kids can become more conscious of their body’s signals in 3 days but potty accidents will still happen for a few more months and up to a year is what I understand

    • Twin Mom says:

      LOL – love the “eye roll” :) Yes everyone has different versions of what potty trained is and sleeping through the night! Cameron who doesn’t go on the potty always tries to flush – he loves it. So I like your idea of making that the reward. Hope you are doing well – thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sista says:

    You are doing SO well Sista, that is fantastic, 7 days (my lucky number) perhaps MDM will be done by the time your lucky number comes around. When I potty trained, the best things ARE to stay home, so you are near a loo, and DON’T use the pull ups during the day, just undies, and keep the pull ups for bed time. A lot of encouragement, and yay, wahoooooos go a long way! Have that book I got for you (the potty training one) and read that to the boys, they can push the YAY button on it, and perhaps refer to the characters as Mason and Cameron? GOOD LUCK x

  3. OUPA says:

    Keep up the good work. Cameron will soon be in the mix.

  4. I’m so amazed at how you handle all aspects of parenting. Your boys are blessed!!!
    Give Mason a big HUG from me. :)

  5. gina valley says:

    I’ve potty trained all 9 of mine now. Just finished the youngest last year. The most important thing is to wait until they are totally ready physically and emotionally, and interested. When they are at that point it is easy.
    I don’t recommend rewards. It’s just a bodily function, not an act of bravery or brilliance. We save rewards for other things.
    By minimizing the importance of it, the stress and pressure is removed from the child and they come to know that this is just what is expected when we grow up, and that as success at using the potty is not a big deal, neither is the occasional accident.
    Just stay relaxed. Don’t make a big deal. Focus attention on other stuff like how nicely they share something or help one another. Potty training will come in time.

    • Twin Mom says:

      Your point of view is refreshing thank you. I agree it’s a good idea to minimize the importance of it, and stay relaxed. I think that’s why it’s day 7 although I didn’t expect it to be an overnight thing! Hopefully we will be done before our 12 hour road trip in June!

  6. You twins are so adorable! I remember potty training my boys. You should give yourself a party when you are all done. You will have EARNED it.

  7. Pamela R says:

    Keep up the great work! Keep up the High 5’s !!! I remember having to sacrifice a few undies too– that why at first buying boring white, If my son went X amount of times on the potty then he got to pick out 1 pair that had Thomas, Scooby, or whom ever from the stash I’d pick up if there was a sale =)

  8. Christy says:

    I never quit understood how kids could grasp learning how to potty train in three days. Each child learns at his or her own pace and should never be rushed. They will eventually potty train before they go off to school.

  9. momto8blog says:

    our first born son got a high powered motorized toy for using the potty…..by the time our 8th child came around I realized he would not be wearing diapers in high school so his potty training prize was a hershey kiss….
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  10. Well done my friend. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the THursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  11. Hi Leigh,

    I just saw something in the bathroom and I thought of you….. Quinn had to go poopy, so she went to the bathroom and called for me to help with underwear and tights. We have it set up so she can use her stool and her smaller potty seat all by herself. She needed help, she couldn’t pull down her pants because her hands were inside hand puppets. The lamb and the pig started talking to each other and I was told to go away. Quinn is 3.5 so I’m not sure your boys are developmentally ready for the imaginary type play, but it was a good way for her to wait for stuff to happen. Maybe if you participate in the puppet show, they would enjoy waiting too. Keep it in mind for later.


    • Twin Mom says:

      LOL – Love that you thought of me while in the loo 😉 Great idea Diana. Thank you so much for the tip… Cameron was just pretending to be a baby, while his friend was the mommy, so perhaps this puppet/pretend play wont be too far off.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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