Out Damn Croup!


Well it’s day seven with sick kids. First Mason had that 24 hours stomach bug, then Cameron got croup, and now Mason has croup.

Mason sick with Croup - how can you not melt with this face??

I took Mason to the doctors today and he had a fever and received some steroids. Hopefully they kick in FAST! I really need them to work like a miracle drug. Either that or I’m going to start looking for some voodoo magic. I take my hat off to all the parents out there, who have had sick kiddies. We have been so lucky to avoid major illness up until this point. It’s amazing how little can be accomplished when you have an extra 24 lbs stuck to your hip, never mind 48lbs!

Thank heavens for friends. Let me just say that I have been overwhelmed with love, kindness and support. Every act no matter how small has warmed my heart and made this last week more bearable. From messages on facebook, to calls, and emails, every thought has made this a little easier. Milk deliveries from Amy and Lynette, Pedialite from Alexis, groceries from Penny, bread and bananas from Megan and baby powder from Kerri – all saved me a trip to the store. Last night I got a surprise food delivery from a friend, Amy. Another one will be coming tomorrow from Bev. Last week I got food from Donna and Jen. I actually got a text from Donna as I was leaving the hospital with Cameron, saying “don’t worry about food for the week, moms group has you covered”. How thoughtful can people be? I’m so thankful!

On top of that I have had friends stopping by to help me. A different Donna got the dreaded early morning call, and she was over in five minutes. Donna was able to watch Mason while I gave Cameron a tepid bath, because his temperature was up to 103 again. He had a febrile seizure in the hospital when his temp reached 103.5 so I was terrified. Then that same night when I was feeling overwhelmed my friend Jill magically knew that and was over here to help out. And when Cameron puked everywhere and I had to go bath him, I came downstairs and all that vomit had “magically” disappeared. I also had Debbie comfort me in the hospital, but I’ll save that for another post.

Jess has been here when others physically couldn’t – she has been here two nights and on the weekend, to help with my sweet boys while Sean has been on night shifts. She has been amazing. Jess has held babies, changed puky beds, walked the dog, made bottles, and helped keep one boy happy while the other gets some much needed mom love. She did also steal my desitin butt paste from the guest bathroom, once again mistaking it for toothpaste! So I’m debating whether to have her back or not 😉

Jess aka "Desitin-toothpaste girl"comforting Mason

The boys don’t have much of an appetite. Today Cameron has finally eaten a few veggie puffs, but the only way he would eat them is when his brother was feeding them to him. These things will keep your spirits up when you think that there is no bright side to this all.

Mason helping make sure his brother eats something!
Cameron returning the favor :)

Cameron is still crying when he is not being held, and now Mason is joining him.  I know the end is near, or at least the beginning  of health is near. I truly believe there are lessons for us in all difficult experiences. I have learnt that I am truly blessed with incredible people in my life. I found out that people are there if you need them (whether you ask them or not), with large or small blessings. I have also learnt that I can be strong when I need to but it’s always easier with two pairs of hands. And the most important lesson of all – do not leave desitin butt paste next to your guest bathroom sink – your guests will (repeatedly) mistake it for toothpaste! Thank you my friends and family for helping me through this rough time.


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2 Responses to Out Damn Croup!

  1. Jill maddox says:

    I hope the boys feel better soon. Always glad to help. Love you Leigh.

  2. Clare says:

    So sorry I was unable to help. I wish I could have been there to lend a hand.

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