Most Popular Blog Posts for 2013 Continued


As I write this I know many of you all over the world have already started to celebrate the end of a wonderful year.  May 2014 be even more blessed and wonderful for each one of you.

But before you go off and celebrate, here are our top 5 posts for 2013!

Drum roll please….

5. Andy Warhol Bridge Never Felt So Cozy: Hundreds of volunteers got together to knit Andy Warhol’s Bridge in Pittsburgh a sweater. It was an amazing piece of art, a fun adventure for the twins and their cousins and a great community project that helped bring people together from far and wide.  The colors and patterns were fantastic and the photos a must see.

4. Oh Repairman do we have a Surprise for you?: OH! MY! WORD! I am not surprised this made the list. This is one funny post that all parents can probably relate to…. This unsuspecting repairman will probably never forget this day! I had kids with croup, no help, a dog who just had her knee replaced but who still wanted to protect us even with her cone on her head!  If I didn’t laugh about this I would probably cry. But hey, we lived to see another day! Enjoy :)

3. Hello World: Aaaah pass me a tissue – this is my very first blog post, called a “Timid Start”. In it I took my first steps out into the blog world, introduced the “cast members” and started this wonderful journey.

2. Three ways to Encourage the Love of Reading in Toddlers: YAY! As a huge bookworm I am so excited to know that this post is my second most popular post! This just shows that parents do really want to switch off that technology  and get back to basics – reading to their little ones.

OK here it is ….my number one post for the year 2013 is……….

1.Twin Pregnancy Bump Journey: Bring back those tissues! This was a very special post for me to do, as it shows a week by week collection of my growing belly during my twin pregnancy. My husband says I was “HUGE” but I still maintain I was tiny, even after all this proof 😉  Taking photos was a special ritual, because my family is overseas and this is the result.

And that’s a wrap! Visit yesterday’s post to see the rest of the list.

Thank you readers, friends and family!

 I hope you enjoyed revisiting all these memories with me today.

I really appreciate all your support especially when the posts have been few and far between.  2013 has been wonderful but busy with going back to work for the first time since having the twins. My goal for 2014 is more balance in my life. How about You??

Happy New Year!

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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12 Responses to Most Popular Blog Posts for 2013 Continued

  1. Ahhhhh — I love each and every one of these posts. Through them, I got to know you! What a blessing that is….

    Of course, I am disappointed that my pitch to make you visit Raleigh didn’t make the top ten! But if you come visit, that will be “win” enough for me. :) Hint Hint!

    Hugs to the boys. Happy new year!

  2. Sofia says:

    I am very glad I found your blog!! Definitely adding it to my daily reads. And will go through the list (knitted sweater for a bridge?!) :) Happy New Year!!

  3. cindy b says:

    These are some great posts! I see why they were at the top this year! Thank you so much for sharing and Happy New Year!

  4. Oh- I love your blog! Your posts reminds me the time when my kids were so little …and I was so tired- but yet- managed to do so many things and visit so many places… Way to go! Wish you all the best for the New Year and sending some kisses to the kiddos. They are so cute on your pictures :)

  5. Sharon says:

    Hey, I think I read all of those! What a year sweetie and FYI…you were tiny!!!

    Kissy kissy!

  6. How cool is this?! This is awesome. Your boys are adorable. I love the posts.

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