Is Two Years Old Too Young to Start Drinking Tea?


A special moment spent drinking tea with Grammy last week brought up the question: “Is Two years old too young to start drinking tea?”

My gut instinct said it’s fine, especially because growing up in South Africa, my grandmother and parents always gave us tea. It was Rooibos tea, which is native to South Africa, and it’s herbal and caffeine free, contains antioxidants and many great qualities. Of course I didn’t care about all those details when I was young and I am not sure my parents did either (I stand to be corrected). I just loved the taste of the milky tea, which when I was older became sweetened milky tea….. yum!

I decided to do a little research and here is what I found out:

1. Herbal teas and especially organic teas are much better for your toddler than juice boxes and soda, as the teas don’t contain the high amounts of sugar or corn syrup.

2. You can serve the tea sweetened with honey, or a tiny bit of sugar if needed but mostly you can drink it just the way it is  – preferably lukewarm or cold.

3. There is a huge variety of teas out there recommended for kids: lemon balm, lemongrass, ginger, chamomile, mint, red teas with rosehips and hibiscus, honeybush, rooibos and tulsi (list of teas from this great article in the examiner). Of course check with your doctor or nutritionist first in case of allergies 😉

 Grammy has been serving  “Children’s tea” to her older grand kids for a while, which has become a really special treat for all involved.

Grammy offered the twins some tea and Cameron said “Yes, please” and Mason said he didn’t want any. Well when Grammy served the tea, Cameron refused to try it and Mason ordered up a cup, tasted it and loved it!

Today Grammy was serving Rooibos.

So to answer the question is two too young to drink tea, the answer is NO! Just make sure it is herbal and caffeine free. If it’s organic that is a bonus, and make sure the temperature is not too hot. As for serving it in your fancy china like Grammy did – well that’s just something you will have to decide for yourself! 😉 It makes for good memories to say your first cup of tea was served in china when you were only 2 1/4 years old!!


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19 Responses to Is Two Years Old Too Young to Start Drinking Tea?

  1. Vadivu says:

    Useful piece of information and thanks for that…. my kiddos love to have tea which I dont prefer to serve them, as they are just two. Hope I could go ahead and pick the right one for them to enjoy :)

  2. Clare says:

    I so wish I was with you! Wow! They look so grown up, drinking tea and using cups and saucers! Very brave Molly!

  3. Jennifer H says:

    I agree, caffeine free only! :)

  4. Yetunde says:

    I was asking myself the “tea” question recently but I couldn’t pull the gun. I do think Rooibus tea is great but the herbal ones, I’m not so sure. I know the herbal teas come with benefits and side effects and I’m wondering how that will impact a toddler’s body. Case in point: I drink camomile to sleep better at night. If I give the same drink to kids, will it make them sleep well or over-sleepy? Still looking for answers on that one.

    • Twin Mom says:

      I agree with you which is why the question had to be asked. When I was looking around the web for information, nutritionists were recommending herbal teas, but with everything on the web today we need to check with our doctors first if we have any concerns. I did read somewhere that some teas I think it could have been Camomile could effect kids who have certain allergies (but I forget what). So again, I stress checking with a health care professional just in case!

  5. Christy says:

    I have given my son unsweetened tea several times when we were dining out somewhere that didn’t have great water. I would much rather give him a small amount of unsweetened tea over soda any day.

  6. Sharon says:

    I love all kinds of tea and I’ve always tried to get my kids drinking it from about two years old. None of the six of them are fans yet…but never say die!!!!

  7. Cody says:

    So cute…and thanks for the helpful info! It will be fun to try a real tea party before too long :)

  8. Rosey says:

    I think that it’s sweet they’re having tea with their gram. I love a good Chamomile tea, or one with lemon. It’s good to know it’s an option for the little ones.

  9. You are amazingly good at interweaving information with personal stories. Every post I read I am a little smarter and I’ve learned a little more about your precious boys.

    I grew up drinking English tea! Now, though, it’s coffee for me!!!

    • Twin Mom says:

      Thanks Karen :) I start my day with coffee too – decaf though since having the twins lol! Anyway, Have you tried rooibos? It’s yummy!

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  11. Mollygram says:

    Love this post! Happy New Year to all! Wishing you many tea parties!

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