How Moms Recycle: The Gift of the “Hand Me Downs”



When I first found out I was having twins, I wasn’t too excited about hand me down clothes, gear or anything. But reality quickly hit when I went shopping, and I realized just how much money everything cost (times two!)

Well I have since realized the error of my thinking and now welcome the thought of someone offering me a new toy for the kids or some clothes. Not only does it save us money, but it’s good for the environment (less in landfills), and most of the gear is in tip top shape and we can pass it on once we have had our turn.

New to us puzzle fun!

Another way to help cut the spending is by “rotating toys” or borrowing them from your friends. This way the kids get new toys for a bit and then they get rotated.

Just this week we had a surprise gift of hand me down toys. The boys have had endless fun with the new stimulation.  And the shorts they are wearing are “new to us” too.

Playing with our new gifts!

So thank you to all of you who have given us these wonderful gifts of clothing, toys and baby gear! Your gifts are really appreciated and the environment thanks you too!

What do you do with your old toys, clothes and baby gear?

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34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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19 Responses to How Moms Recycle: The Gift of the “Hand Me Downs”

  1. Pamela says:

    We have hand me downs, clothes, toys, baby gear! I give my things to friends, or consign at the consignment shop! I have not had to buy Jayda anything but undershirts, socks, underwear since she was born, because I got so many hand me downs from friends, I just got 3 big bags of fall/winter clothes for Jayda fot this year and next!

  2. Olusola says:

    Sell or donate. I’m attending my first parents of multiples club sale this month and quite excited about it

  3. I know… with my first I wasn’t crazy about it either, that all changed with the birth of my second daughter and she loves getting her ‘big’ sisters clothes.

    I LOVE the kids playroom…. fun!

  4. OUPA says:

    When you have your first child its always nice to have NEW everything(if possible)
    but we all don’t have the means. Nothing wrong with good hand me downs if you can
    use them. By the way. You would be very surprised to see who frequents charity shops.
    Its like going to garage sales. You just never know what you are going to find.

  5. Mary Morrow says:

    My sons’ things went to a women’s shelter. The moms and kids often have only the clothes on their backs, and they need everything.

    • Twin Mom says:

      What a great cause. I remember giving a lot of new born clothes to WIC in the beginning for the same reason. Once I’m done with my things I’ll probably do the womans shelter – great idea Mary x

  6. Sista says:

    I am a step-mum and what I do with clothes and toys that are outgrown is take it to the Charity store in town – all the profits go to Cancer research as we have had family members affected by Cancer this charity is very close to my heart! I also give things to friends, a dear friend of mine calls it ‘new to me’ – I just love that saying! Nothing wro g with hand me downs I say.

  7. My second son is so good about this. He gets all his older brother’s hand me downs and takes them without complaint. We add a couple pairs of shorts and underarmor t-shirts each year and he’s good to go. He understands frugal budgeting for bigger fun!

    We have a “toy swap” club here in our area. For a small fee, I think it’s $20/2 years, we can get toys just like you’d get books at the library. I swap out toys every month, after the kids get bored with them. They even have educational video games. Very nice!

  8. With 6 children I love hand me downs. I always ask whoever has blessed us with the hand me downs if they mind if I pass it along if it doesn’t fit or when we are done. I have sold a few things in the past but most of our hand me downs are just past on. If it is clothing and it is not worth saving it becomes a rag to further it’s life a little longer.

  9. Kristina says:

    I love hand-me-downs! Love giving them and getting them! When I buy clothes for my kids, I usually get “good” brands (Gap etc) because I know that no matter how many times they are washed and worn, they still always look really great, and have made the best hand-me-down clothes to give to friends. My daughter loves dresses and is often given pretty ones from friends who have older daughters. The only down side is that she wants to wear them straight away so often looks like she wears clothes way too big for her, but she loves them! :)
    Thanks again for sharing,

  10. Most of our hand me downs have a new home to go to unless they are just raggedy then obviously trash or the recycling bin. There’s a little boy who gets Christopher clothes and then his school has a yard sale once a year that I donate stuff to. I have been blessed that most of Christopher’s brand new clothes have been bought by his grandmother’s. 😉

  11. Hand me downs are awesome! Actually, when I started getting less hand me downs and had to start buying new, is when I really realized just how wonderful they are. I either pass my on to friends or throw them in the local good will bin. Either way, I am always happy to know they will get used again.

    And your kids play area looks like so much fun! Love it!

  12. I too do accept hand me downs for my kids and we donate them to orphanages or the poor in other countries once the kids grow out of their toys/clothes.

  13. Gina says:

    LOVE hand me downs. There is also a Just Between Friends sale in my area- they have great deals on gently used kid stuff.

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