Hip Hop Horray it’s a Holiday!


Easter is my favorite holiday of all time. I love that in my family it was never materialistic, it was all about family traditions, Easter egg hunts and chocolate. Oh the chocolate!

Easter is also a very special time for us personally, because we got married on Easter Saturday, ten years ago.

Growing up in South Africa our Easters were a little different to those here in the States. OK Easter SPOILER alert…If you are Ten-years-old or younger, step away from the computer!

Growing up, our Easters were magical. We would wake up and rush to the windows, looking to see if we could see any Easter eggs.

We never could.

In our family, the eggs would only become “visible” after you ate breakfast. My mum would feed us breakfast, preferably hot cross buns and then my dad would go outside and “count” the eggs. When my dad returned and told us how many to look for, we would open up the curtains and see the eggs. Our vision was restored, and we could see the eggs thanks to just having eaten breakfast! We would then rush outside and collect the chocolate eggs – big ones, small ones and marshmallow ones covered in chocolate. Yum.

In America, most people I have spoken to have Easter baskets with an assortment of small toys, books and plastic eggs. The plastic eggs are filled with either candy (what we call chocolate), jelly beans, or money. Real eggs are dyed and these are hidden for kids to find along with the plastic ones.

The last few days have been packed full of events. We dyed eggs and had three different egg hunts.

I have some great friends who are trying to help me incorporate the American traditions – they made me carve my first pumpkins for Halloween, and now they had me dye some eggs. I had only dyed one egg last year but this was a whole production.

All set up to dye eggs.

All the dyes were mixed and spread over the huge table and then the kids were given their eggs and instructions and got to work. The twins only a little older than a year were really able to do it.

Mason dying his first eggs

Cameron as happy as can be!

They loved throwing the eggs into the dye. We got some dye on the table, but fun was had by all.

The result!

Now that the eggs are dyed, surely that means it’s time for the hunts to begin. Well the twins were lucky enough to take part in three. One in our neighborhood, one at our church and one at the grandparents house. Here are some photos taken of the three hunts:

First hunt for Cameron this year

Mason loving it!

The twins - using Halloween baskets for Easter! OOPS!

Mason getting good at this...

Cameron found these without any help!

There is nothing better than seeing pure joy shining in your childrens’ eyes. Watching them spot an egg, stumble toward it and put it in their basket, all the while with huge goofy grins on their faces, was really priceless. Watching them discover the joy of throwing the eggs in the dye was just as special.

I hope my children grow up to love Easter as much as I do. I look forward to many years of combining our cultural differences and making the holiday an extra special one for the twins!

How did you celebrate Easter growing up?

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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11 Responses to Hip Hop Horray it’s a Holiday!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Look how cute your kids are! LOVE IT! I love coloring eggs as a kid. I didn’t start this tradition this year, (due to lack of coordination.) But can’t wait to do it next year.

  2. Sista says:

    We really did have a good Easter – always – I never could figure out how Dad and Mum got the eggs to “appear” ONLY once breakfast was eaten!!! Love this holiday but certainly NOT at much as you – you chocoholic !!!!!!

  3. Lloralye says:

    Your kids look like they are having the time of their lives! I love your decorated eggs. Their hairstyles are pretty awesome too 😉

    Lloralye @adorningschemes.blogspot.com

  4. That looks like so much fun! I haven’t dyed Easter eggs in years. We used to do it every year when I was a kid. Our biggest family tradition was family dinner with ham, pineapple fritters, sweet potatoes, and candy!

  5. Von L says:

    Visiting from AtoZ. Looks like you made some great memories. Great pictures.

  6. molly mae says:

    I like the South Africa Easter tradition.

  7. Ronae Jull says:

    For some reason not quite understood, I grew up without ever celebrating Easter. But once I had children of my own, Easter was one of our favorite holidays! Coloring the eggs, hiding them, finding them, and (of course!) eating lots of chocolate! I really like your description of the South Africa Easter hunt!!

    • Twin Mom says:

      Thanks Ronae – Glad you now celebrate…missing out on all that chocolate is a shame! LOL! Those SA Easters were the best! But I love the egg dying which we never did growing up :)

  8. I love to dye eggs. It’s one of the best traditions we thought up I think;) We’d spend hours trying to make the prettiest or coolest egg when we were kids.

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