Happy Fourth of July America!


 Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Birthday Mum!

When my Mum was a little girl, she thought that people were celebrating her birthday with lots of flare!

Hope you make your day special mum, even though we aren’t there to celebrate with you. You are a wonderful mom, love you always!

Here’s a pic that should make you smile, and it fits the Red, White and Blue theme


About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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7 Responses to Happy Fourth of July America!

  1. Oh my goodness! They aren’t dressed the same. WOW! :)
    Happy birthday to you, Clare.

  2. what an amazing cake. hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Michele says:

    Love that cake!! And the twins look adorable–I’m sure your Mom wishes she could have spent her birthday with them—

  4. Alaina Bullock says:

    What a gorgeous cake and handsome kids!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

  5. OUPA says:

    Happy birthday CLARE.

  6. Lexie says:

    Wow! That’s a REALLY nice looking cake! Those boys are just way too cute!

  7. Oh my gosh, how cute!! And the cake looks yummy! How funny about your mom! My nephew’s is on the 5th so he was close :)

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