Spoil Your Fathers This Month – I’ll Help with this Giveaway!


Being raised in South Africa by a father who owned record stores, was a DJ before it was even cool to “spin records” and who owned a yummy “take out” shop called Grab A Bite, life sure was never dull.

Favorite memories of my dad include taking a yearly walk or bike ride to the church at the top of the dirt road, where we ate a picnic under the huge Eucalyptus trees in the church yard.

My dad’s car had super powers and he could talk to it through the radio. It was called  “Kit” just like in the old TV show “Night Rider”. When we were late for school, he would tune into the radio, speak to Kit, and “super boost” us to school. We were still often late, but the journey was half the fun!

So what does a father look like through the eyes of my 2 1/2 year old twins?

An extremely tall man who drives a fast car that they call “Rory” after the cartoon “Rory the racing car.” (I love this similarity between their father and mine!)

A man with a mustache. Mason thinks he has a mustache too, and will show you if you ask him. Quite an impressive possession for a toddler 😉

 He is a man who wears a watch, that made the twins want to wear one too.

A man who lets them eat breakfast in MY bed (usually consisting of bananas, milk and snackie bars.

A man who sleeps and works a lot.

But apart from these things, daddy is also the guy to go to who can fix things, “daddy fix it” they say. Or the guy who lovingly reads story after story at bed time, and lets them hit the “whirligig” above their bed before he lovingly places them down to sleep at night.

 I am thankful that my husband is such a caring father. I am extremely lucky to have my father in my life even though we are separated by oceans and continents. He is always the life of the party, always thinking about the next great plan and takes time to show me he cares by keeping in touch through this blog and emails.

Love you dad.

All the dads in Scotland

And finally my father-in-law has been a great example to my husband: he is a hard worker, great cook, knows a lot about everything, even how to hypnotize a chicken, and he is definitely a Mr. Fix it!

Whatever your father’s strengths are you can spoil him by entering below, and choosing the perfect gift for Father’s Day 2013

It’s time to celebrate them by entering the Father’s Day giveaway created by Authors of the Bloggers survival guide. This well structured, easy to read guide has really helped me improve this little blog of mine!

Here you can win three amazing prizes to help show appreciation to that man, hubby or father in your life.  Good Luck, and don’t forget to tell your friends!


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34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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12 Responses to Spoil Your Fathers This Month – I’ll Help with this Giveaway!

  1. Oh my gosh, Leigh… Giveaway or not, this is the sweetest post. Print it and frame it for Sean. And your dad. And Sean’s dad. Perfect Father’s Day gift right here!

  2. So glad you joined in on this little shin dig!

  3. Dads are awesome! They aren’t recognized enough. I’m very thankful that my kids’ dad remained involved with their lives, even after divorce. Very uplifting post!

  4. Christy says:

    Dad’s are awesome. I love your picture where your husband is working on the computer and the baby is sleeping in his lap. I love those priceless moments.

  5. OUPA says:

    Thank you for saying all those nice things. Yes. It is an early Fathers Day present.
    Love the pics.

  6. rhonda says:

    This is so precious. And I especially love the way you incorporated ALL of the dads. They all play such an important role in the shaping of the boys, the family, their outlook on what a man/daddy is. Love this, and I almost forgot – beautiful pictures!!!

    • Twin Mom says:

      Well said Rhonda – all the men are so important, it’s great to have those good role models! Thanks for stopping by, and I am glad you like the pics :)

  7. Becky Jane says:

    Love this post. Your dad sounds so cool! Bagpipes is my favorite musical instrument. Tried to get one of my kids interested in playing them, but no luck…boohoo.

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