Don’t Neglect your Fur Babies once you have Kids!


I remember the day we got home from the hospital with the twins – well not really it’s all quite foggy. I was sleep deprived, terrified, excited, exhausted, and emotional. I had my hands full. The next day I looked into the eyes of my dog, Carrie Bradshaw, and it hit me – I forgot to feed her.

¬†I remember crying and saying to my hubby, “I forgot to feed our first born!”

He calmed me down, I dried my tears, I got over it, but since kids she definitely has taken the backseat.

Before twins, we would take her places, out for car rides and walks at the park. It wasn’t unusual to see us at the park three times a week. Sadly I think we have only been to the park twice in the last 17 months.

Well, we went yesterday. Carrie Bradshaw was as happy as a clam! I had to ask a stranger to take a photo of us, as my sister didn’t believe we were there. That was a little awkward in itself – but hey, what I won’t do for my sister ūüėČ

We made it to the park!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and a slight breeze. The boys loved being at the park and pointing out all the dogs.


We meandered through some trails, totally sheltered by the trees and arrived at the dog park.

 I remember before kids,  hanging out in the dog park and some crazy parents would bring their kids into the park, and let them walk around, with all the random dogs roaming. I thought it was crazy because dogs are unpredictable. I swore I would never do that. Well, I assessed the dog situation and decided to chance it, and leave the kids in the stroller (obviously!)

Free Range Doggie!

I won’t drag this out – nothing happened – it was fine. Great actually. We just strolled through, Carrie had a chance to sniff some you know whats, the boys got to wave and say “Woo Woo” to the dogs, and we were out the other side in a matter of minutes.


This lovely day at the park just reminded me that I need to take more time to give Carrie some extra attention too. She was very happy seeing the dogs, as were the kids. I have to admit I sometimes still forget to feed Carrie – perhaps that’s why she does such a good job cleaning up after the boys (even eating veggie straws). But this day out in nature was good for all our souls.

Anyway, it’s hard neglecting this fur baby when she is so cute!

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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7 Responses to Don’t Neglect your Fur Babies once you have Kids!

  1. We have multiple pets at our house, we got our dog well over 2 years ago at that point we had 5 kiddos. She was doing great and was part of the family. Then our 4 year old was diagnosed with brain cancer, she went to a kennel for a few days as we sorted things out, Joel and I were gone for 10 weeks when we came home they didn’t want Joel being licked etc. it changed how things were with her. We are in the country so she has lots of space but she ended up spending more time outside. Even now we have to watch her as Joel’s balance isn’t the greatest she can easily knock him over. She isn’t mean she just gets excited around him. It kind of breaks my heart that we have to have restrictions with her it isn’t the way we planned things, now that Joel is done treatment we have been working at, integrating them so to speak. Ah it is hard to balance pets and family life, cancer just really got in the way, it is amazing how much it effects. Anyway you are so right about not neglecting them sorry for my pet rant. We have the sweetest St. Bernard and I love her!!

  2. Good thing dogs are a little more resilient and have that unconditional love for us. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Marcia says:

    Very cute boys! I’m sure miss Bradshaw enjoyed her day!


  4. Sista says:

    OMG I got very emotional reading this and had all these flash backs thinking back to when we were last in the dog park – I was visiting for your baby shower – u where pregnant with the twins and we took Carrie to the dog park. I remember what an amazing walk it was SO very beautiful, I remember that ‘tree tunnel’ just before reaching the area where the dogs can run free! What a fun day out. I also remember getting very scared when that dog kept barking at Carrie and I really did think he was going to attach either u or Carrie and all I could think about was protecting u and the babies… glad nothing happened that day! I love you Happy Mothers day

  5. Oh Leigh, the doggies understands :-) We had a puppy back when we only had 3 kiddies, and then he turned into a BIG dog, he needed so much attention, that we couldnt give him then, so we gave him back to the breeder, where we knew he needed to be, so now the little ones are asking for a puppy, so we think now we have a big backyard and the big boys will take on the responsibility, they want a pug puppy, so we will see!!

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