Sweet Twin Moments: Two Years & Two Months


Adorable things have been happening  as of late, and I just wanted to share these with you at (almost) two years and two months old:

The Twin Bond: Lately the boys have been waking up  and calling out for each other from their beds. Cameron has called  “Masie, Masie” and when Mason shows up at his side he will stretch out his arm fully, wave his little wrist and say “Hi Masie” with a huge smile. They have then been playing independently in their room for a few minutes, and so much giggling and laughing can be heard coming from their room!

On the way back from a party on Sunday, we decided to take a detour to the playground. Walking down the pavement, Cameron refused to hold my hand but wanted to hold his brother’s instead….

Brother, let me hold your hand!

 I also get rejected when they walk down the stairs – they prefer to hold hands with each other. Of course I am spotting them, since the whole purpose behind the hand holding is safety!

Language: the boys have really been chatting away, repeating things like parrots and saying two and three word phrases more often. Two days ago, (January 13th), Mason finally said his brothers name “Cameron”. We were so excited because up until this point neither of them have been able to say it – they were actually referring to each other as “Masie”. But now Mason can say Cameron, so hopefully little Cam will soon be able to say his own name.

When it comes to other people’s names they have been mastering them lately too – “Gammy” is much clearer now too – and they can say most of their cousins names and friends names, and we can understand what they are saying!

“Hi” is migrating to  “Hawwo”

When you sneeze they will say “Bess you”

They are also making sense of their world through language  – today I gave Mason something to put in the shopping cart, and without me saying anything he said “hewy”. Yup it was heavy!

The boys have also started signing “ABC’s” and twinkle twinkle.

We count the stairs together and they often can say the next number without prompting (usually it’s 2, 9 or 13).

Mummy’s little Helpers: People have been surprised when they come over and the twins will go throw away a wrapper or some trash without me even having to ask them to do so.

Cameron loves to help me unload the dishwasher. He actually gets upset if I do it without him. Any day now, I am going to be calling the repair man, because they stand on the door of the dishwasher to reach the cups (even when I say not too – not the best listeners!)

They both like to help me cook. They will help measure out quantities or help stirring.

Cameron helping bake on Christmas morning

They also love unpacking the groceries with me – Thank you Mason, but mom’s sanitary pads DO NOT belong in the fridge 😉

 The twins will also throw their clothes in the washing machine, but this I still have to ask them to do.

And finally they LOVE feeding the dog her chunks, and opening the door to let the dog outside.

Poop Scoop: We are doing the “lite” toilet training method. Most times when I change their diaper I will ask if they want to go use the potty. On January 9th Mason pooped and peed in the potty! He also peed again later that day and since then almost once a day. Mason also pooped the day after (just a tiny bit). Cameron has peed in the loo as well but mostly just likes to try. Months ago they both peed and had “accidental” poops in the loo (by catching them mid poop and transferring them to the loo) but this was the real deal.

So that’s the scoop. Some great twin moments and some developmental milestones for my electronic baby book :)

What are your favorite kid memories or moments?

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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20 Responses to Sweet Twin Moments: Two Years & Two Months

  1. I think the whole twin language thing is just amazing. I can already see it and even looking at your wee ones, you can see the body language and mirroring. It’s really fascinating and endearing!

  2. nichole says:

    I love that they have their own personal way to communicate with one another, how cute. I’ve heard one twin usually tends to be more dominate, maybe that could be a good post if it’s true.(:

  3. Mommys Juice says:

    I have a son exactly the same age. Although he isn’t a twin he does have a big brother and they too are starting to bond in the cutest ways. So much fun!

  4. Love the purple on them and “bess you”:)

  5. Rachel says:

    These stories are so, so sweet! I can’t even imagine how amazing it must be to watch the twin bond grow. My own daughter is just beginning to really talk, and I find it nothing short of miraculous.

  6. These stories were so sweet, I shared them with my 12 yr old son.

  7. Vadivu says:

    Twin stories are always amazing and thanks for making us feel and enjoy the same. The pics are so lively (I really wonder how you prepare ur kids for every click!). Its wonderful that your kids refer each other by names. I’m awaiting for that moment with my kids too, who prefers nonverbal communication.

    • Twin Mom says:

      It really is wonderful when they can say their names :) Thanks for reading Vadivu. And happy birthday to your sweet boys!!

  8. Sista says:

    My heart melted on a number of occasions this week, while interacting with the twins via ‘face time’. Firstly when Mason came up close to the screen (all I could see were 2 eyes and a button nose) and then a “Hawwo”, OMG my heart melted, as up until then it has been Hi! The 2nd time was with Cameron when he said ‘Hello Caz’….these moments I truly cherish. I have definitely noticed a huge jump in their language skills this week. You certainly have to watch your P’s & Q’s around your little parrots now, as anything is possible ;0). Very endearing them calling out for each other – man I really wish I lived closer to you so I could experience these all in person, thank you Leigh for blogging!

  9. Enjoy this adorable, sweet, short-lived phase. :)
    Well, with my oldest, it lasted till eight. May you have that as well!!!

    Can’t wait to meet the boys in 3D!

    • Twin Mom says:

      Please may it last till 9! Because that would be awesome and it’s my lucky number 😉 These kids grow too fast and that fact amazes me every day!

  10. OUPA says:

    They certainly are developing fast. Like Sista ,I too wish that I could be closer. But your blog keeps us together. Yea.

    • Christianna says:

      So, I’m a little behind on my reading. But, I loved this post! It’s truly amazing to see how much they’re growing. They’re so cute, sweet, and smart! I love seeing the kids play together.

  11. Rosey says:

    These are nice pictures, they always look so cute together.

  12. Regina says:

    Ah, they grow up so fast! They are at that stage of learning and being sponges. I love it when my kids were two!


  13. Pamela R says:

    Oh such sweet moments—that’s a hoot about the sanitary pads DO NOT belong in the fridge —my daughter would open up the box and lay her Barbies out on them like sleeping bags!!! LOL

  14. Clare says:

    Make the most of these lovely times. Children always seem to grow up far too quickly, so appreciate these moments while you can. The photos of them holding hands are too precious for words.thanks for the lovely post.

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