Being a Twin Mom Can Be Tough, But Not Moments Like These…



Out to dinner a couple of weeks ago.

Daddy wasn’t there. So both twins wanted some mommy time.

On my lap.

One facing the table, one facing me.

Then the twin facing me, wanted to play a kissing game.

“I kiss on cheek mommy”


I could get used to moments like these – I will cherish this always!

A wonderful twin mommy and son moment!

Gotta Love the Twin Love


Thanks Jess for capturing this special moment!

About Twin Mom

34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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15 Responses to Being a Twin Mom Can Be Tough, But Not Moments Like These…

  1. Awwwww…. I hope he will still give you kisses when he is in high school. <3

  2. OUPA says:

    Oh. So precious. Well done Jess. Great moments captured for eternity.

  3. Sista says:

    Oh my word, those photos have captured those precious moments for eternity. Look at MDM’s face, it just lights up when he kisses you, pulls away and then looks at you and can’t stop giggling, so very precious! Hey at the end of it all you ended up being in the middle of a twin sandwich!!! Jess great job capturing those, thank you.

  4. Awww, your boys are so sweet. Enjoy every moment they will be shooing you away in a few years. My older son doesn’t even really like me to tell him to have a good day in the morning when I drop him off at school. He just wants to get out of the car and get his school day over with.

  5. They are so cute.. great to have such moments with the kids.

  6. Pamela R says:

    what wonderful moments!!

  7. Lolo says:

    Wao! How lovely!

  8. Taylor says:

    How precious! I love these pics. So happy your sister-in-law was there to capture those moments.

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