A “Forgetful” Apple and Walnut Cake


As you know our recent apple picking adventure led to an awful lot of apples in our house, so I dusted off my apron and made a lovely apple cake.

As I am not much of a baker, I didn’t have all the supplies I needed: I headed to the store for my supplies and I had to borrow the bunt cake pan from my neighbor.

I feel like a real Martha Stewart :)

Here is the recipe that I got from allrecipes.com 

I chopped up the apples, combined the yummy dry ingredients like cinnamon and then added the wet ingredients. I mixed it all together and then waited a whopping 1 1/2 hours for it to be done!

Imagine my disappointment when this was what I found:

The cake was crumbly and definitely didn’t look like the picture! And when I tasted the cake, it was AWFUL!!! It tasted like plain old dried up flour ;(

That’s when I checked my ingredients again and realized my mistake…..I left out 2 cups of sugar!

I am not having a great track record – remember my last post about the apple picking and how I forgot my wallet at home! Now I used those yummy apples for a cake that was a complete flop, because I forgot a key ingredient!

Guess I am not quite Martha Stewart yet, lol!

I think dear readers, I am apparently losing my mind. Lets just hope I don’t forget my kids somewhere by accident 😉

Well at least I have plenty more apples to make a new recipe. Lets hope it turns out doubly delicious! Back to the store I go for more supplies.

Have you ever left out key ingredients or had a baking flop? Please tell me I am not alone!!

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34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. Mother of twins and loving every moment.
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33 Responses to A “Forgetful” Apple and Walnut Cake

  1. Michele says:

    You are definitely not alone–it is why I no longer even attempt to bake from scratch!!

    • Twin Mom says:

      LOL! My friend just gave me a book on all kinds of cake mix recipes, where you add ingredients to make it great! That’s more my speed.

  2. Becky says:

    Girl, you are not alone. My mil always forgets something. It’s gotten to the point that we expect her to forget and we always ask ahead of time before tasting her food. lol.

  3. Mary says:

    Oh who uses recipes anymore? The kitchen is my playground. I did, once, mess up following a recipe for fudge when I was a teenager. I ended up with a marvelous melt in your mouth sort of tootsie roll slab. None of it went to waste. I never tried to duplicate it. These days I cook “stuff” with whatever stuff is at hand. I had apple slices at breakfast with cinnamon honey drizzle. I’m going to dice apples tomorrow and put them in a cold couscous salad with fresh veggies from my garden. Yummmmmm. I adore these apples! Thanks or suggesting we go there!

    • Twin Mom says:

      YUM – That couscous salad sounds incredible – as does that yummy tootsie roll slab – makings of a candy maker! Thanks for rescuing us, we had a great day!

  4. I used to make fairly decent cakes back home in Nigeria when I was younger. Once I move to the US though, it was like I couldn’t bake a cake to save my life. Now I’m content to have a handy list of the best bakeries in Calgary and call it a day.

    So don’t you worry Ms Leigh, you’re in excellent company if I do say so myself 😉

    • Twin Mom says:

      You know I wonder if it was the measurements – UK and US measurements are slightly different and it can really mess up a recipe if you are using the UK Cup measurement in the US. But I will take the company anyway lol!

  5. OUPA says:

    Now that you mention it, I do recall ,when I was very young I used to help my mom bake ,and on one occassion my cake actually came out better than my moms’. So moms
    do occassionally make flops. You are no exception.
    Just dont leave your wallet at home again.

  6. You are not alone, I also have a lot of “accidents”. Buns like stones and soups without salt. So I just say next time will be better.

  7. Oh trust me I have had a baking flop. At least your flop was a home. I took a peach cobbler to a bowling banquet. And guess what ingredient I forgot? Yep, the last 2 cups of sugar that you put on the top of it. Oh, it was soooo bad. The worst part is that I take it every year and everyone always loves it so they go right for it so they all knew who brought it so there was no covering up who screwed up that dish. Needless to say, I won’t be taking the peach cobbler any longer. lol

    • Twin Mom says:

      NOOOOOO ….you have to redeem yourself next year!! They might be more timid trying it but once word gets out that you are back in business it will all be gobbled up in no time!

  8. I am so sorry that your apple cake didn’t turn out well. It looks… pretty bad. It is so terrible when you finally get the motivation to venture into the baking world only to get a big, giant flop out of the oven at the end. Better luck next time!

    I recently made an apple crisp which came out really great. I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t very photogenic, but we ate an entire 13″ pan of it in two days. It was a lot easier than a cake, so maybe go that route next time? Not as much labor and a lot of good apple crisp at the end!

  9. Kristyn says:

    i hate when stuff like this happens :/

  10. It could be worse! You could have forgotten it was in the oven… Imagine cleaning a burned mess. :)

    We forget stuff all the time. Nothing like lovely banana bread that never rises because we forgot the soda and powder.

    Hugs! Keep baking!

  11. Pamela R says:

    Oh so sorry about that–well I guess you could take it to the park and feed it to the birds =}
    Good thing you have plenty more apples to try again cuz it sounds pretty yummy!!! Marking that recipe down for myself!

  12. I hope your second attempt will be better. I’m rooting for you! :)

  13. That is too funny! One time my daughter and her friend used like at least double the amount of sugar the banana bread called for. They were like we thought it said however many cups. It sure was tasty though! Better than NO sugar lol.

  14. Oh no! There’s nothing more disappointing than baking or cooking ventures that are complete failures. Cheer up though, better luck next time! I had a brownie fiasco last week. Was really bummed, since I really wanted brownies. I find the key to baking or cookies it to take your time and enjoy it. You’re unlikely to make mistakes that way. Just some wisdom I picked up while reading “French Kids Eat Everything: and Yours Can, Too”.

    • Twin Mom says:

      Lalia – I have to admit I was on the phone with my mum at the time – I was definitely distracted! Next time focus on the task at hand, right??

  15. Rosey says:

    My mother-in-law left out sugar for a pumpkin pie years ago (for a holiday meal) and we STILL tease her about it from time to time. Stuff like this just makes for good family stories. I bet Martha’s got a few of her own. 😉

    • Twin Mom says:

      Poor lady! Sometimes these mistakes can be great and then new traditions are formed! Not this time and not for her with that pumpkin pie!

  16. Laura says:

    Oh I love to bake. This makes me want to get back in my kitchen and bake some fall favorites!

  17. Sista says:

    Sista, I won’t ever forget growing up – I loved cooking cakes and you preferred to do things in the garden! I will never forget when Mummy baked cakes, and blamed the oven when it went wrong – she said that until I started baking. SO funny! As family I can say, Sista that cake looks YUCK! Apple crumble is SO easy to make, and taste SO good, try that, all you need is flour, sugar, butter and the apples. Good effort though. Unlike me, I just don’t bake at all anymore.

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