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I’m Leigh, 34 years old and mother to two wonderful, fraternal twin boys, Mason and Cameron. My sweet boys are almost 3 years old, and this blog started when they were 14 months old. I’m also wife to Sean who married me, exactly one year (to the day) after we met in Scotland. Our mixed breed or “hybrid” dog named Carrie Bradshaw, helps keep us active and off the couch.

Born and raised in South Africa, lived in Scotland for almost 4 years and have been living in America for the last 10 years. Traveling is one of my biggest joys and having family in both the UK and South Africa ensures somewhat regular travels. The interesting thing is navigating travels with twins! We will see how this goes… Blogging is a way to help those far away feel closer, and to share our adventures with those of you  just merely interested or in the same boat.

I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, a love of antiques and a passion for bargain hunting. Food is delicious!! I would say I’m a foodie –  I love anything edible, especially covered in Chocolate.

Cast Members:

Twin Mom: Leigh

Only a few hours old. Cameron Left, Mason Right

Twin Dad: Sean  (although he is blog shy, but he does exist)

Twin A: Mason

Twin B: Cameron (For those of you who don’t know – when the babies are in your belly, they name them A and B for accurate measuring and reporting)


Cameron Top Mason Bottom


Twin Nanny: Miss D

Twin Dog: Carrie Bradshaw (Yes, really)


Sean and Carrie


13 Responses to About Me

  1. Kim says:

    I think we’d get along fabulously! I have my Masters in Counseling and have all the same loves you do! And I love your pup’s name!
    My Twin*tastic Life

  2. I really like your website, Nice! I could a your link on my website for folks to see? let me know and I’ll share it with my followers, Okay?

  3. Yinzerella says:

    Leigh, what a lovely photo of you and Miss Carrie!

  4. Victoria says:

    Nice Site! My niece is pregnant with Twin Boys too. She is due Sept 3 . I will have to introduce your site to her as well.

  5. Tracy says:

    You have some great pictures of your boys on your blog. My third child and first boy just turned one and there is something so very special about boys. You seem to capture that same sentiment on your blog! Glad to have found you!

  6. karen clarke says:

    I have a question for you regarding napping. I have 8 months Identical Twin Boys. With your experience should I put the boys together in the crib (at the moment since they are still small) to sleep for naps?

    1. Should I leave them in separate cribs. If one baby wakes up, just wake the other or leave that one sleeping?

    I am having a hard time finding information or joining a site to ask these questions!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog on the Nap – changing into one longer nap.

    Thanking you for your advice in advance.

    • Twin Mom says:

      Hi Karen,
      It’s a great question – but ultimately I believe strongly in trial and erorr, becuase these kids are such individuals. What we did though is let them nap together until they were about 5 months. But after that they had their naps in the same room but different cribs. As for waking the one twin – In the beginning when we were still worried about feedings, we would wake the one when the other was awake, so they could be fed together. At 8 months, I don’t think that’s as much of a concern anymore. I always put the twins down for the nap at the same time, but if one wakes up before the other I would use the time to have special individual time with them. But that’s what works for us – you will find your way! Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  7. Becky Jane says:

    Love mom’s with twins! My sister had twins 16 years ago and it’s been fun to watch them and her…big HUGS for you!

  8. Olusola says:

    Hi Leigh, I think we have too much in common! :) (African, living in North America, born late 70s and had twins in 2010). Glad to have found your blog. Love meeting new twin moms

  9. Rachy says:

    Beautiful photo Leigh! and what a lovely blog!

  10. I love your dog’s name. :)

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