Welcome 2014! We Are Ready for You to be GREAT!

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Happy New Year! May 2014 be fun, blessed, bright and happy for each one of you! 2014 is going to be BUSY – chasing 3 year old twins around. People keep telling me the threes are busier and crazier than … Continue reading

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Most Popular Blog Posts for 2013 Continued

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As I write this I know many of you all over the world have already started to celebrate the end of a wonderful year.  May 2014 be even more blessed and wonderful for each one of you. But before you … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

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We had a lot happen this year – the twins turned from toddlers into preschoolers. They developed more language, got rid of their pacifiers, started potty training, world travels, local adventures and so much more.  As we get ready to say … Continue reading

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As Snug as a Bug in a Rug! Can you feel the Love?

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Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrated yesterday! This one special gift took over 3 months to get to us. It was mailed from South Africa in September – arrived early November! Talk about “snail mail”! Anyway the package … Continue reading

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Family Traditions Make the Holidays Magical

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I remember back when I was a child growing up in South Africa – Christmas was in Summer, not a snow flake in the air. Store fronts would spray fake snow on the windows for a frosty cold effect Our … Continue reading

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Twins’ Request for Santa

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The twins have a short list for Santa. This might be the first year and the last year that happens. They finally understand who Santa is, and they were very ready to tell him what they wanted. Relatives have been visiting … Continue reading

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A Thankful Heart!

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  Thankful, so thankful. I am thankful for so many things - small things and huge. I love the sun shining through the window, reflected on the snow lying outside. Grateful that two of my four family members traveled safely over … Continue reading

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Budsies – A Special Buddy For Life!

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  If you are like me, you love seeing your little ones develop and grow and become more creative. If you are like me, you are snapping photos to document the first time they paint, or draw or make a craft.  … Continue reading

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Twins on Neighborhood Watch Duty!

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  All suited up in their firemen gear, the twins head out to patrol the streets in their vehicles. Progress is slow since they have to stop and dig up a few trees and bushes along the way. All of … Continue reading

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The Lion, the Witch and the Rainbow

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  With the whisper of candy fresh on their ears my little munchkins head to their first house in the neighborhood. “Don’t forget to say trick or treat!” “Tickateat” says Cameron, and Mason echoes “Trick or Treat” in a sing song … Continue reading

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